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What does it take to retain the information in a given subject one is studying?  Should you be taking classes to improve your memorization?  Is memorization knowledge?  These are a few questions that we at App Treasure Hunter feel strongly about.

One can memorize anything and pass a test, get an A and in turn not be able to later apply the information, or for that matter remember it!  Knowledge is understanding, not memorization.  Understanding sticks around, where memorization tends to fade with time.

As a child or adult studies it is ideal that the “thing” being studied is right there along with the theory regarding it.  If you are studying botany in science but only have descriptions of the plant being referred to, this can leave you in the dark.  The problem is we don't always have the physical object at hand.  In most cases the educational system tries to supply this information as much as possible.  A picture may be worth a thousand words.  But is it enough to give conceptual understanding?  In some cases yes and in many more – far from it.

The internet has had a huge influence in providing information to a student.  There is now video content for most anything you are looking for.  This can be a very useful remedy in supplying missing content.  Of course there is nothing better than the real thing and never will be!   

Many of the apps that we review are geared to helping the student by supplying as much in the way of “the physical” as we can via the app.  Many of our apps include videos of the subject at hand.  Others allow you to pan in and out, move, rotate and manipulate.  In general, give as much physical detail as possible.  

There is NOTHING like real life!  Splurge on it and enjoy knowing what you really KNOW and can apply what you have learned!

We may not be able to supply you with the actual “thing” being studied, but will do our best to cull the App Store for those apps that are truly a treasure.

Below you will find a sample of one of our apps for students in middle school and high school.  We hope you enjoy the review!

Next week's newsletter will be on “special needs” apps.
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App of the week
Powers of Minus Ten - Cells & Genetics
★ 2011 App Store Rewind under Best Educational App!

This very cool app by Green-Eye Visualization lets you zoom in closer and closer into the human hand.  As you are taken into this amazing microscopic world, you are presented with cells and their parts, DNA replication, mitosis, transcription, translation and more.  The viewer is allowed to view natural processes in living tissue and how they interrelate.

This is a perfect app for middle to early high school students that are stepping into the world of biology.  It’s not only beautifully designed but aesthetically pleasing!  We at App Treasure Hunter put this as one of the top picks!


  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Scale in scientific units
  • Full descriptions of each part
  • Explore the different parts of the hand
  • The iPad version has amazing instructional mini games
  • Perfect for the classroom and home schooled students
  • Constantly updated

$1.99 at time of review

YouTube app trailer:

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