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Special Message from the Editor

One of the things I did right by my children, was taking the time to sit and read to them.  This usually occurred at bedtime and was a great way to help them wind down, as well as giving us some very special one-on-one time.

We especially liked rhyming books where I would leave out the last word, allowing my child to chime in and fill in the blank.  This was usually accompanied by giggles of delight, as they were allowed to take part in the reading experience.

I like to think that this book time had a hand in the fact that all my children are avid readers, with strong writing skills.

As I would read to them, I would underline the words in the book with my finger, emphasizing the words being read.  This in turn gave them the association of the spoken and written word.  It was not unusual to find my toddler doing just this, as he or she babbled out their own story, of which they could only understand.

Let's face it, in today's society it is very common that both parents work.  Due to this, that so cherished one-on-one time is not always as easy to come by.  This is where book apps can be of benefit to both the child and parent.  We have found many of the new educational book apps have many features that help the child so much.  Here are some key ones:

  • Promotes reading skills
  • Fun and educational
  • Adds animation as well as interaction
  • Has the feature of underlining or highlighted words as they are narrated
  • Allows the reader to read themselves, have it narrated to them or in many cases gives the option of being able to narrate the story yourself.  This is a very nice feature for parents that have to travel for work.
  • Many of these apps have a built in glossary.  Tap on a word and get the definition!

These are just some of the features available in the world of book apps.

It goes without saying that the technology of apps has had a huge impact on the early reader.  Having the combination of the written word with the narration feature, goes a long way in honing in on the skills of the early reader.  Add to this the engaging activities and fun that are part of many of these app books and you have a powerful learning tool.

We hope you enjoy the review of one of these such apps from our website!

Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur?

Dr. Suess’ lovable character, the Cat in the Hat is back - for a fact - and is teaching children about Dinosaurs and facts that they lack.

Many kids lack facts about what’s found beneath Earth’s cracks, placed into sacks and brought back for viewing by humans in packs, at museums, while feasting on snacks.

Dinosaurs, we find, are not sore at all, but are great ancient animals that bring us all awe.

This application will teach your child, it will, whether his name is Will, Bill or Phil.  And for little Sue, and Mary too, this app might even teach you!

Stunning visuals abound and there are picture/word associations to be found!  Slide on a tail and look up a word, there’s a glossary in this app, haven’t you heard?

With professional narration and a fun music theme, this app has a custom musical background for every scene!

So learn to say Di-No-Saur and fret no more.  For all dino-lovers out there, this app is a SCORE!


  • Dr. Suess themed app teaching about dinosaurs
  • Glossary built into each page
  • Picture/word associations built into each illustration
  • Option for full narration, or read it yourself
  • Tons of interesting facts about Dinosaurs!!!

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