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Friday, May 20, 2016

From The Co-Founders

Might This Explain It?

“Why Isn’t America Shopping?” ask the retail pundits. Interest rates are low; gas prices are down; what’s wrong? Consumer spending patterns are changing. Why?

They offer many plausible explanations. For instance:
  • As costs of housing, medical care, etc increase, people still have limited disposable income. 
  • Others point to being “overstored”, too many physical outlets chasing too few shoppers, which spreads the foot traffic even thinner.
  • People are spending on experiences: travel, attendance at sporting events, plays, concerts or other performances, eating out, etc.
  • Or maybe it’s that the customers just don’t like the merchandise. Chains are struggling to get themselves “trend-right”.
All very reasonable observations. However, we think there are some other dynamics at play. Consider this chart. It shows the number of births (in millions) in the United States between 1935 and 2014. See that downward trend in the chart?

Starting in 1961, with only a couple exceptions, the number of births declined an average of 2.1% every year until 1977. In fact, '77 and '78 were the lowest number of births since 1945! 

With more and more retailers (we’re overstored, remember?) competing for fewer and fewer customers, is it a wonder that sales have been tough?
  • Retailers selling into that demographic - the prime "middle age" market - would need to grow sales 2% per year just to stay even.
Or in other words, demographics is destiny!

Given that, where are the next growth opportunities, by sheer head count? The Millennials, of course. We've been studying their habits, too, and will talk more about them – as shoppers –  in next week's (May 27/30) editions of The ROI NEWS.

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Time to Take the Voodoo Out of Advertising!

Advertising need not be confusing and frustrating. Or overly expensive!

If you use the same dispassionate, objective approach to advertising that you do with financial management, you can achieve very satisfying and rewarding results from your advertising efforts.

This thoughtful article from The ROI's Library for Owners –  "Take the Voodoo Out of Advertising" – provides countless tips and tactics that are proven for retailers.

Take advantage of these insights today. All part of putting the fun back into retailing! Just go here to see the entire article. Exclusively at The ROI.

So, Thinking of Selling Your Stores?!

Keep Thinking Like a Retailer!

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Friday May 20 – Thursday, May 26

Whether or not this is the right time for you to sell, it is definitely a good time to be thinking about it!
You even may discover that you have more choices available than you had imagined! 

At some point, every retail business reaches a transition point: either it must be sold; or, it must be liquidated and closed down. But there always is a transition.
  • Often, which route you choose - whether to sell or to liquidate - depends on whether you can find the right buyer, at the right time, and perhaps most importantly, at the right price!
Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt, Co-Founders of The Retail Owners Institute®, have developed a strategic assessment tool specifically for retail owners. Use it when trying to determine that "right price".

Their innovative and unique approach is presented in this unique TOPICAL TUESDAYS webinar. In less than an hour, see how you can use this approach for yourself, for your own business.

This is a powerful, thoughtful, and strategic session for all retail owners. Go here on The ROI site to take advantage anytime from Friday, May 20 through Thursday, May 26. 

Retail Business Insights

What Customers Really Want
Consider this: people don’t go to a hardware store because they want a 3/4” drill; they want a 3/4” hole! 

The point: Your customers aren’t coming to you for products; they’re coming for solutions.
  • What problem are they trying to solve, and how can you help them do so better, faster, more effectively?
  • What are the benefits you can provide them?
As an executive at Revlon once said, “In the factory, we make cosmetics. In the stores, we sell hope!” 
Go here. See what The ROI is tweeting about.

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