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Year-end Giving

As you know, this fall we launched Gravity, a center for contemplative activism. We are still part of the Word Made Flesh community, but since we’ve stepped down from leadership we’ve lost some key monthly financial support that we have depended on to live faithfully into our vocations.

Transitioning from leadership in Word Made Flesh to launch The Gravity Center has opened up new doors of opportunity for us to do what we do best—inspire, nurture and support people who are making a difference in the world.

Through Gravity, we are able to extend our reach and be available to various non-profit communities. After all these years, we’ve learned that it takes a deep spirituality to live with thriving and enduring impact in the world. There is a way to do good better.

You may not have realized this, but in addition to helping raise money for the programs and ministry of WMF, for 20 years we’ve raised all of our salary, and work-related expenses. With the launch of Gravity we find ourselves in the same position.

Now, just two months into Gravity we’re faced with completely funding a new work. We need financial partners who believe in our work, understand the need for contemplative activism and who are excited to invest in this.

We need partners who recognize that we’re ahead of the curve, shaping social activism with transformative historic contemplative practices, in order to do good better in the world.

Will you prayerfully consider helping us overcome the loss of a few monthly donors, by:

1. Making a year end gift (any amount would mean so much and go such a long way)
2. Making a pledge to give $25 - $100 each month in 2013

Simply reply with your indication to make a pledge and I can help you get started on making monthly contribution. And to give a tax-deductible year-end gift, click the “Donate Now” button on the right-hand side or mail a check to Word Made Flesh, PO Box 70, Omaha, NE 68101. Be sure and note on your donation that the gift is for either “Heuertz” or “Gravity” (whichever you prefer).

We are on the cutting edge of purifying, energizing and fueling social justice services of many non- profits and mission organizations and we need your help. Together, we can energize a movement to do good better.


Opening to Advent 

Thomas Keating, a Cistercian monk and founder of Contemplative Outreach says that the spiritual journey begins when we ask, “What can God do for me?”

The Advent season is a time to prepare for the coming of Christ in our life. Are we aware of our need for God? Are we ready to receive what only God can do for us? Can we be open like Mary responding to the presence of God saying, “May it be done to me…” (Luke 1:38 )
That kind of openness and consent presumes a radical trust and belief in a very good God. Are you ready to receive from pure Love and Goodness this season?

Remember Mary & Joseph

Remembering Mary & Joseph video


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