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Dear Ministry Partners:

The first Sunday in February is a big day for sports fans. In fact, many Americans view Super Bowl Sunday as a national holiday. Friends and families will gather this year to watch the big game, enjoy delicious snacks, and of course, critique the commercials that go along with game day.

Because it’s a great opportunity for fun and fellowship, many churches reach out to their communities by hosting game day parties. However, in 2007, the NFL made churches think twice by sending a cease-and-desist letter to an Indianapolis church, ordering it to cancel a “Super Bowl Bash” the church was planning to host for about 400 members and their guests. The league cited its copyright infringement policy as the reason for contacting the church. We sent these guidelines out last year, but for many of you this may be new information (and it's a good time to refresh your memory if you've read this before).

God Bless You & Your Ministry,
John Korsmo

Party On, with a Few Precautions

The 2007 incident received a great deal of attention from the media and lawmakers. As a result, the NFL clarified its stance and granted churches permission to show the game as long as they follow a few specific guidelines. The guidelines that hold true today include:

  • The game must be shown on equipment your church regularly uses, in a space the church owns. If your church owns a big screen and sound equipment that it uses for Sunday worship services, the game can be shown using this equipment. Renting space to watch the game is not allowed, even if your church rents space for regular worship services.
  • Your church cannot charge admission for your party. However, you may accept donations to defray the cost of food and other supplies.
  • To eliminate the risk of copyright infringement, your church should avoid using the logos of the NFL, the Super Bowl, and the participating teams. Referring to the NFL, the Super Bowl, or the teams by name is permissible.

Read more about the agreed-upon guidelines for churches.

Brush Up on Copyright Basics

Whether or not your church is hosting a game day celebration, sporting events like the Super Bowl provide a timely opportunity to brush up on copyright basics. For ministry-specific copyright information, be sure to check out the following resources here on


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