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Membership Evolutions, Partnership Developments & Outreach Efforts  

NCASE Officer and Director Goals

Susan Lavrakas Participates on NGA STEM Panel

Visit Six Countries with Capt Judy

4th Annual Raise Award Competition

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SciTech Fest Expands with More Than 1,000 STEAM Events Around State
The fifth annual Arizona SciTech Festival is underway now through March with more than 1,000 events throughout the state to promote STEAM careers. About 50 cities across the state are hosting events that promote science, technology, engineering, arts and math.
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Phoenix Business Journal

New Hampshire
STEM training workshops available for area teachers
As schools continue to emphasize the importance for students to excel in math and science education, as the cornerstones of 21st century employment, Winn Aero, a STEM-oriented educational nonprofit group from the Lakes Region, will again be offering STEM teacher training workshops at the Laconia Municipal Airport in March and April.
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JetBlue Celebrates Black History Month – Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators
Aviation is not often a career choice for students of color. When thinking of pilots of color, the illustrious Tuskegee Airmen come to mind. However, fast forward 70 years… according to current statistics, less than four percent of pilots in the commercial aviation industry are African American. The JetBlue Foundation and the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) are trying to change that!
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South Dakota
Aviation Day inspires children to fly
Six aviators from Ellsworth Air Force Base participated in the Third Annual Aviation Day at the Discovery Center in South Dakota's capitol Jan. 27, 2016. Throughout the day, the Airmen helped children build toy gliders and let them try on flight suits, helmets and vests to get a better understanding of what it's like to be an aviator.
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ERU Judges International Aviation Art Contest
   Youth, art, and aviation converge every February at Embry-Riddle Prescott when student art submissions arrive for judging in the annual International Aviation Art Contest sponsored by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) for youth ages 6 to 17.
   This first phase of competition awards first, second, and third places to each age group for each state of the United States that participates. Thanks to Ray Johnson (shown above), long-time member of Prescott’s Board of Visitors, Embry-Riddle is the defacto judging body in cases where individual states are not able to manage their own program.
   “I used to be the NAA, Aerospace Education Chair/FAI Delegate and helped start the art contest years ago,” said Johnson. “I’ve lived in Prescott for 22 years and through a friendship became connected to Embry-Riddle. Now we come together every year to judge the art. This is a great way to get youth interested in aviation.”
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NCASE Newsletter Editor and Communications Chair - Kim Stevens


Your monthly newsletter of the
National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education 

Representing government, industry, and labor united to promote aviation and space education activities and resources, increase public understanding of these areas, and support related educational initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.
From the President
Membership Evolutions, 
Partnership Developments & Outreach Efforts

Dear NCASE Member Group Representatives,
    We have accomplished much work in 2015, and are excited about this upcoming year revising organizational growth.  One of the most exciting changes you will notice within the next few months will be membership levels.  We will be offering a ‘Friend’ participation at no-cost and membership levels with additional benefits.
    These very popular monthly electronic newsletters have on average reached over 200 leaders, educators and decision-makers each month.  We welcome monthly updates on all the great work you and your organization are accomplishing.  This newsletter is a no-cost marketing tool and one of your member benefits.  Email your articles and updates to Kim Stevens at kim@aviationeducation.org. 
    The NCASE web site http://www.aviationeducation.org has completed its overhaul to serve even better as a one-stop portal for all aviation and space related educational resources available.  The site will continue to grow and improve.  It has been highly visited, with steady increases in use, providing a central gateway for educators, students, and the general public to find yours and other NCASE groups’ materials and information supporting aerospace education.  This year, you will discover the addition of an Education and an Awards section.  A highly valued aviation education program called YouthWINGS will be hosted on the NCASE web site lead by Director John Teipen.  Both of these newest pages will highlight NCASE’s newest initiatives and long-standing prestigious awards.
    The 2015 Mervin K. Strickler Awards for leadership and contributions to aviation and space education will be presented to Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and National Association of Rocketry (NAR).  We invite you and representatives as our guest on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 from 3:30 PM-7:30 PM at the beautiful Capital Visitor’s Center, HVC-201AB in Washington, D.C.  If you wish to attend, please email Shelia Bauer at: sbbuckaroo@gmail.com.
    Our quarterly meetings continue to be conducted by teleconference to minimize travel and costs for member representatives.  Your executive committee also conducts monthly meetings and welcomes the participation of all members.  Watch for emails with dates, times, and dial-in information.
    Our members will have the opportunity to participate in the NCASE Aviation & Space Education Alley at the National Science Teachers Association conference in Los Angeles, California on March 30–April 2, 2017! NSTA has more than 55,000 members with 9,000 –12,000 attendees at their conference.  We will be soliciting organizations interested in exhibiting and presenting during the one day NCASE Aviation and Aerospace seminars.  Email captjudy@captainjudy.com if you are interested in sharing your organization at this conference.
    We appreciate your continued support for NCASE and for your colleagues’ work by renewing your own group’s membership or by signing up now as a Member of the National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education.  For more information on joining NCASE, visit http://www.aviationeducation.org.
    Thank you for all your good work in aviation and space education!

Best Wishes, 

Judy Rice
NCASE President

NCASE Officer and Director Goals
    Each year NCASE Officers and Directors are held accountable to eight goals that are drafted and voted on by the group.  These Officers and Directors volunteer countless hours working together representing Members (you!) to government, industry, educators, and students, supporting a unified voice on aviation and space education.  Your support in one or two of these goals will actively promote aviation and space education while supporting schools’ initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. (Photo - Dr. Lee Siudzinski, left and Ralph Cappola.)
 2016 Goals
  1. Each Officer and Director will actively work to recruit two new member organizations,  
  2. Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs will support monthly electronic newsletters by promoting and distributing them, and will submit one or more articles in 2016,  
  3. Officers will work together for a completed and published Operating Procedures, including  communication/media relations committee procedures,  
  4. Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs will actively share NCASE pamphlets, website information, and newsletters at no fewer than three events or locations such as schools, businesses, organizations, or meetings of colleagues,  
  5. In order to support NCASE’s being recognized as the premier aviation and space education advocacy organization Officers, Directors, and Chairs will work together to identify two key organizations, companies for greater sponsorship opportunities thus bringing added value to our Members,  
  6. Officers and Directors will provide the opportunity for engaging with business and industry on key aviation and space steering committees,  
  7. Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs will work together providing greater recognition of and support for, and nominating no fewer than two candidates worthy of the Crown Circle and Strickler awards.  
  8. Value added for NCASE member organizations through technology by: Hosting YouthWINGS website and services; establishing processes and user-guide ("Remote Presenters' Kit"), along with member training for DiscoverAviationTV.

Susan Lavrakas Addresses NGA on STEM Education  
    Aerospace Industries Association's Director of Workforce Susan Lavrakas participated on a panel discussion, "Implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act," before the National Governors Association Education and Workforce Committee Sunday afternoon. Lavrakas focused her remarks on ways industry is working to draw in and engage students in science, technology, engineering and math education to increase interest in STEM fields and careers. Susan’s remarks begin at the 1 hour 05 minute mark.
Watch video: C-SPAN

Visit Six Countries with Capt Judy!
    Capt Judy, Skye Bleu, and six Goodwill Aviation & Aerospace Ambassadors invite you to visit their countries. See an example of the YouthWINGS technology that John Teipen offers NCASE members. Underneath the video you will see the link to take the quiz, so take the quiz and earn your Certificate of Accomplishment!  Be sure to share the link with others too! 
Watch Event: YouthWINGS

4th Annual Secretary’s RAISE Award Competition 
    The 4th Annual Secretary’s RAISE Award Competition is open for submissions.  Pursuant to a recommendation by the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee, the U.S. DOT Secretary of Transportation, through the Federal Aviation Administration, is announcing the fourth-annual competition to recognize students with the ability to demonstrate unique, innovative thinking in aerospace science and engineering.
    There are two divisions within the competition: a high school division and a university division (both undergraduate and graduate together). The Department of Transportation intends to use the competition to incentivize students at high schools and universities to think creatively in developing innovative solutions to aviation and aerospace issues, and to share those innovations with the broader community. The effective dates are January 15, 2016 to April 8, 2016. 
    The rules for this competition are available at

For further information contact:
Patricia Watts, Ph.D., 
Federal Aviation Administration
(609) 485-5043
James Brough
Federal Aviation Administration
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