Right now I can think of people who are facing losses of one kind or another ranging from financial to emotional. It's important to recall, though, that we have all also experienced gains of one kind or another and that we will do so again in the future. Recalling this helps us to balance ourselves and to arrive, hopefully, at a state of equilibrium. 

Try: If you're facing losses, big or small, think of the gains you have had in your life too and that you can hope to have in the future. 
7pm Thursday 8th December. Learn how to cultivate a pro-happiness approach in your daily life at this one-hour event, even in these challenging times. Pay by donation. People who book will have access to a video of the event which won't identify any participants. Learn more (Eventbrite - admin fees are paid by me).

Main online courses: True Friend self compassion | Easy Mindfulness | Handling climate Anxiety 
Yesterday's Daily Bell
“Becoming more patient involves opening your heart to the present moment, even if you don’t like it. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, late for an appointment, opening to the moment would mean catching yourself building a mental snowball before your thinking got out of hand and gently reminding yourself to relax.” Richard Carlson, Don't sweat the small stuff ... and it's all small stuff. 

Try: When you catch yourself building up your stress with your thinking, say 'Drop the snowball' then pause and re-focus on the moment.
Easy Mindfulness Online Course
15-lesson course on all aspects of mindfulness - Pay by donation: set your own price. Enhance your life-experience and lower stress with this, my longest-running online course. More about this course

Main online courses: True Friend self compassion | Easy Mindfulness | 
Handling climate Anxiety 
TRUE FRIEND, 15-lesson online course on self compassion - pay by donation: set your own price. Sometimes the loudest voice in the mind is the harsh self-critic but you can turn down the volume with self compassion. Student comments include ' ... a life saver ...' ' ... has helped me enormously ...' ' ... super easy to use and follow.'   More about this course

Main online courses: True Friend self compassion | Easy Mindfulness |
Handling climate Anxiety
New book on the way: Acceptance - Create Change and Move Forward
My new book, Acceptance - create change and move forward, will be published next March by Yellow Kite Books. As the title suggests, acceptance clears a space for movement either regarding what we've accepted or by giving us space for other activities. Chapter headings include: Accepting Uncertainty; Accepting Our Bodies, Sexuality and Gender; Acceptance and relationships, during and after;Acceptance In Conflict; The Acceptance Dynamic.

 You can pre-order at this link.
How I use the Daily Bell
"The daily bell sets me up for the day.   I read it on waking and it helps me to start my day in a positive, kind, compassionate way.   I remind myself all the time about what I read. It is a great help in self regulation." KL


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