Where did I go right? is a question  I often recommend we ask ourselves. And in what feels like an era of endless grumbling, it might also be worth asking, Where did they go right?  so that we don’t lose all our precious days, hours and minutes mulling over mistakes and regrets.

Try: Ask Where did I go right ? and Where did they go right? (‘they’ being other people important to you) at least once today.
Starts 12th November, five-lesson course online. You can still sign up. This week's headlines might cultivate a sense of despair but that won't help us personally or in working to reduce climate change. In this brief course you can work through climate anxiety and other emotions in ways that help your wellbeing. Themes include cultivating hopefulness, a balanced relationship with climate anxiety, adopting a planet-friendly identity, efforts to make a difference. Many of the practices in the course will be helpful in your life in general. Pay by donation. More about this course

Main online courses: True Friend self compassion | Easy Mindfulness | Handling climate Anxiety
Yesterday's Daily Bell
‘As soon as we focus awareness on physical sensations we are in the present moment, and the mind settles … It's surprisingly simple and effective. Over time, you can nurture a sense of calm and peace so you’re better able to deal with anxiety, fear and unhelpful thoughts.’ Quote from the Breathworks free Toolkit for tough times course 

Try: Come into awareness of the back of your neck, your back and your hips and allow this to calm both mind and body.
TRUE FRIEND, 15-lesson online course on self compassion - pay by donation: set your own price. Sometimes the loudest voice in the mind is the harsh self-critic but you can turn down the volume with self compassion. Student comments include ' ... a life saver ...' ' ... has helped me enormously ...' ' ... super easy to use and follow.'   More about this course

Main online courses: True Friend self compassion | Easy Mindfulness |
Handling climate Anxiety
Easy Mindfulness Online Course
15-lesson course on all aspects of mindfulness - Pay by donation: set your own price. Enhance your life-experience and lower stress with this, my longest-running online course. More about this course

Main online courses: True Friend self compassion | Easy Mindfulness | 
Handling climate Anxiety 
New book on the way: Acceptance - Create Change and Move Forward
I am very pleased to say that my new book, Acceptance - create change and move forward, will be published next March by Yellow Kite Books. As the title suggests, acceptance clears a space for movement either regarding what we've accepted or by giving us space for other activities. Chapter headings include: Accepting Uncertainty; Accepting Our Bodies, Sexuality and Gender; Acceptance and relationships, during and after;Acceptance In Conflict; The Acceptance Dynamic.

 You can pre-order at this link.
How I use the Daily Bell
"The daily bell sets me up for the day.   I read it on waking and it helps me to start my day in a positive, kind, compassionate way.   I remind myself all the time about what I read. It is a great help in self regulation." KL


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