DPA 2018 Newsletter | February

Take A Look Inside:
The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Upon entering the Two Mississippi Museums, travel through the centrally located entry hall, reception area, auditorium and grand stair.  To the right of the entry hall is the Civil Rights permanent exhibit which is programmed as a series of themed rooms that illuminate the various phases of the civil rights struggle.  The exhibit is planned to move conceptually from a "Culture of Fear" to a "Culture of Hope".  Its central component is a circular space called "This Little Light of Mine", a place to honor, remember, and sing.  

This gesture is echoed in the building form by a skylit oculus which extends through the roof plane and is visible from outside of the building. This allows light and views into the central exhibit space, and directs multiple views from the core of the exhibit to various points around the site. The building thereby becomes a formal expression of the central theme of the exhibit.

Jeremiah 29:11-13
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