Office of Education Abroad Update, October 22, 2014: Issue 54

October 22,2014: Issue 54

CWRU’s Study Abroad by the Numbers

Three years ago, students were asking if they should study abroad. Today, students are asking a different question—When?

The 2013-2014 undergraduate study abroad report, released this month, shows that more CWRU students are going overseas than ever before and are far outpacing their peers around the country. In the last four years, the percentage of undergraduates with a study abroad experience has risen from 19.4% to 33.8%, a 74% increase and high above the national average of 9%. Biology and Biomedical Engineering are the most likely majors to study abroad, and the United Kingdom is the most popular destination for semester and academic year programs. CWRU faculty members directed 30 study abroad programs in 2013-14, and the average GPA of all study abroad students was 3.47.
 “Studying abroad provides students with the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the world around them as well as develop a cross-cultural perspective on their field of study,” explains Molly Watkins, executive director for international affairs at CWRU. “The Office of Education Abroad has worked hard to make study abroad more accessible, from a financial and curricular standpoint, and students are taking advantage of expanded opportunities.”
Additionally, the numbers of students studying abroad on semester or academic year programs is expected to increase by 78% in 2014-15. In the spring of 2015, over 110 students will be abroad on a semester or academic year experience. CWRU has set a goal of sending at least 50% of undergraduates abroad by 2019. “We’re right on track,” states Watkins.
To learn more about study abroad, visit or email to make an appointment.

Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

Pre-Med Study Abroad Information Session--Tomorrow at 5 pm!
The location has changed! Join the Office of Education Abroad and Pre-Health Advisor Steven Scherger to learn how pre-med students can study abroad. The session will be at 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 23rd, in Crawford 720.

International Education Week, November 17-21, 2014

Celebrate International Education Week with the Center for International Affairs.  We are planning a variety of exciting activities for the week of November 17-21. Mark your calendars!

Spring Semester Courses with Short-Term Study Abroad Deadline is December 1
Would you like to study abroad this Spring Semester, but not necessarily for a whole semester?  Consider a short-term, faculty directed CWRU study abroad course!  Courses are offered in the spring semester and have a study abroad component over spring break or right after final exams in MayStart your search today!

Calling Study Abroad Alumni . . .
Give advice to CWRU students heading to your study abroad institution for Spring 2015! Contact Study Abroad Advisor, Autumn Beechler, if you are interested in participating in the pre-departure orientation for the students going abroad in spring 2015.

Other Announcements and Events

Join the Mandel School (MSASS) to learn about their short term study abroad courses
Trick AND treat!!   On Friday, Oct 31, 12:30 - 1:30 at the Mandel School (MSASS) come learn the "tricks" of how to take a Mandel School 3 credit short-term spring break abroad course to Guatemala, the Netherlands, or Poland, and get a "treat" while you are there! 

All Mandel School study abroad courses are open to undergraduate & graduate students and travel costs may be covered by financial aid.  Courses offered through the Mandel School count for credit towards Global and Cultural Diversity, social science for engineering students, or for a social work minor. Go online for more information or contact Dr. Deborah Jacobson, director of International Education Programs for the Mandel School by email.

Learn about Mixed-Income Neighborhoods in Ghana 

Mark Joseph, an associate professor at the Mandel School, spent his recent sabbatical at the Department of Geography at the University of Ghana in West Africa. He will discuss his emerging research on mixed-income neighborhoods in Accra and share photos and stories from his trip on October 30th from 12:45p-1:45p in Room 108 at the Mandel Community Studies Building.
Explore Greece over Spring Break

Students with an interest in Greek Civilization spend Spring Break in Athens, Greece (thanks to a collaboration between CWRU's Department of Classics and the Athens Centre). They follow an exciting seven-day itinerary of travel, visiting major monuments and museums, including the Acropolis, Delphi, and Epidaurus. Two class sessions of instruction in Modern Greek help them to interact with people they meet, but the overwhelming emphasis lies on Classical Athens, the historical-cultural setting for the emergence of Western moral philosophy. The focus of this course is on the figure of Socrates and the agenda of moral philosophy that the Athenian sage established. Students will partake in readings from Plato, Aristophanes and via the Socratic method, they will also study Artistotle's Ethics and test the applicability of that foundational text to their own lives.This course can be either the finishing touch for the Classics major or a humanities burst for the science student who is having trouble squeezing in a study abroad experience. All majors can participate. Apply today!
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  • Other Announcements and Events
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October 22, 2014

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Application Deadlines

Spring Semester Short-term Study Abroad: December 1st

Fall 2015: March 1

Academic Year 2015/16:
March 1
Meet with a Study Abroad advisor

To schedule a phone, Skype, or in-person appointment with a study abroad advisor, contact:
Upcoming Events

Pre-Med Study Abroad Session: Thursday, Oct. 23 at 5:00 in Crawford 720

Lecture on Mixed-Income Neighborhoods in Ghana: Thursday, Oct. 30 at 12:45 in Mandel Community Studies Building, Room 108

International Education Week: Nov. 17-21

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