Office of Education Abroad Update, April 23,  2014: Issue 41

Case Western Reserve UniversityApril 23, 2014: Issue 41

Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the 2014 Photo Contest Winners! The photographs entered in this year's contest were diverse and unique, and the Office of Education Abroad hopes to receive even more submissions for the 2015 Photo Contest! Check out the other awesome  2014 submissions on our Facebook page!

The World is your Classroom and Overall Winner
The winner (pictured above) of The World is your Classroom category and the Overall Winner of the photo contest is Nicole Mammoser. Her captivating photo is called Photos (very fitting for a photo contest!). It was taken in Uganda, Africa. Nicole says, “This photo was taken while I was showing a few children how to operate a camera. The children in this particular photo were watching our team work with a nearby primary school. However, these children were too poor to attend school and were instead hanging out on the outskirts, eager to interact with us”.  Congratulations to Nicole for her double win!

The winner of the Spartie category is Matthew Hively. The aim of this category was to take a picture of Spartie, the flat traveling companion, in the places students visited during their time abroad. The more adventure Spartie had, the more likely you were to win a prize. Matt took this photo in Botswana, Africa and named it Spartie the Thrill Seeker. He says, “ This photo was taken around late May 25, 2013 on Khale Hill in Gaborone, Botswana. I chose this picture because it’s just awesome! Spartie is showing that he has no fear of heights”.  Congratulations to Matthew and Spartie for capturing an awesome adventure.

CWRU in Motion
The winner of the CWRU in Motion category is Sharif Sabe. The goal of this photo was to take a picture of a student in Case gear in front of a great historical site or doing cultural activities. Sharif took this picture in Paris, France, and named it An Eiffel Picnic. Sharif says, “This photo captures a CWRU student with several fresh French baguettes, in preparation of a cheese, bread, and wine picnic that several students had on the last night of the week in Paris”. Congratulations to Sharif for capturing a wonderful French tradition.

The winner of the general category is Michelle Rudolph. The general category was meant to let students show something cultural and unique that might not fit into the other categories. Michelle took this photo in Venice, Italy, and she titled it Gondolas.  Michelle says, “There were gondolas everywhere in Venice. Every time you saw water, you saw multiple gondolas piled with tourists. It was pretty magical to see everything you expected from a place’s reputation actually happen”. Congratulations to Michelle for winning the prize in the category with the most diverse group of photos!

Facebook Favorite
The winner of the Facebook’s most likes category is Joyce Chen. Her photo is called The Diamond Cutter and was taken in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joyce says, “As I passed by the Cutter Diamond Museum, out of curiosity, I walked in. Inside the museum, there were professionals demonstrating diamond cutting. After cutting the diamond, this diamond cutter cautiously picked up this diamond ring and examined it with layers of magnifiers. I was touched by how focused and careful he was with his job even with all the tourists walking by, so I picked up my camera to take a picture of him. The sound of the shutter startled him and he looked up. Then he went back to examining every detail on the diamond. I stood there watching him until he detected a tiny imperfection on the diamond and went back to cutting”. Congratulations to Joyce for getting 192 likes for her beautiful photo!

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April 23, 2014

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