Office of Education Abroad Update, October 8, 2014: Issue 53

October 8,2014: Issue 53

Can Pre-Meds Study Abroad? Yes!

Meet Allen Vanmeter, a BME who spent spring 2014 in New Zealand

Allen Vanmeter, a BME major who spent Spring 2014 studying abroad in New Zealand at the University of Otago, gives other CWRU pre-meds advice on how to study abroad:

Vanmeter says that his, “general advice would be to plan ahead. Most medical schools will only accept prerequisites from American Medical Schools. So, I would not plan on taking classes like O-chem overseas. Plan out your schedule so that you can take classes like humanities that will transfer easily back to CWRU... Also, plan ahead for when you are going to take your MCAT. I took my MCAT the week before I left for New Zealand. This way, I could actually enjoy my abroad experience. It was easy to do the application process itself overseas, as most things with AMCAS are electronic.” 

Vanmeter also answered the question of value added for us, when we asked if he thought studying abroad would help him get into medical school.  He explains, “almost every [medical] school's secondary application had a question that related to diversity. My diverse time abroad in New Zealand without a doubt helped me answer these questions with genuine, real life experiences... For the application process mostly everyone will have good stats, so you need to find experiences like these that can set yourself apart.”

Want to know more? Learn how to set yourself apart and study abroad as a pre-med at a Study Abroad, Pre-Med Info Session on Thursday, October 23rd at 5pm in the Tomlinson Lobby. The session will be hosted by the Office of Education Abroad and Steven Scherger, the director of health career advising.

Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

Fall 2015 and Academic Year 2015/16 Applications are Open
Experience the excitement of studying abroad for a semester or academic year. Programs for fall 2015 and for academic year 2015/16 are now open for applications. Start your journey in the Center for International Affairs in Tomlinson 143 or email us at to set up an appointment with your study abroad advisor. To explore all your options for study abroad, visit our website at and start your program search today.

Pre-Med Study Abroad Information Session--Thursday, October 23rd
Join the Office of Education Abroad and the Director of Health Career Advising Steven Scherger to learn how pre-med students can study abroad. The session will be at 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 23rd, in Tomlinson Hall Lobby.

Spring Semester Courses with Short-Term Study Abroad Deadline is December 1
Would you like to study abroad this Spring Semester, but not necessarily for a whole semester?  Consider a short-term, faculty directed CWRU study abroad course!  Courses are offered in the spring semester and have a study abroad component over spring break or in May right after final exams.  Start your search today!

Calling Study Abroad Alumni . . .
Give advice to CWRU students heading to your study abroad institution for Spring 2015! Contact Study Abroad Advisor, Autumn Beechler, if you are interested in participating in the pre-departure orientation for the students going abroad in spring 2015.

Other Announcements and Events

 Join the Department of Bioethics on Wednesday, October 22, 5pm-7pm, for "The Amsterdam Experience"
Please join The Department of Bioethics as they host Alumni from last year's spring semester short-term study abroad experiences in March (BETH315B/415B Public Health Ethics in The Netherlands) and May (BETH315G/415G Death, Dying and Euthanasia in The Netherlands) to share their experiences with interested students.  Faculty will discuss the course content and schedule and students from each of the programs will share their Amsterdam experiences with the group.  If you are considering studying abroad on a short-term program in the Spring to Amsterdam, this is a great way to decide which program you may want to choose.  Refreshments and Pizza will be provided.  Location TBD.  Please RSVP here, or email Michelle L. Champoir at

To learn more about all programs offered by The Department of Bioethics visit their website.  There is no better way to understand any major Bioethical issue affecting the U.S. -- for example, the delivery of health care, issues at the end of life, or public health, than to compare how these problems are framed and addressed in other cultural settings. Every student at CWRU has a unique opportunity to gain valuable new insights by studying abroad with the Department's many international colleagues on their own home turf. If you are eager to bring fresh new perspectives into your own life, education, or budding career as a health professional, this is your chance.
Study in Jordan over Spring Break

WGST/ARAB/FRCH 349: The Arab World Experience
This course will explore Jordan from north to south in all its historic splendor and physical beauty, as well as give the you insights on the cultures, history, human rights, politics, and diplomacy of this unique country. During the course, students will enjoy in-depth visits of Amman, Jerash, Madaba, and Aquaba, and in conjunction with the University of Jordan, we will have the opportunity to meet with several guest speakers such as Bedouin women activists who promote equality for women in Wadi Rum, as well as with diplomatic representatives for Jordan who work with issues of peace and justice in the region.  We will study and tour with locals the major religious sites in the Dead Sea region and the Roman ruins of Jerash.  We will spend the night in Bedouin tent cities in Wadi Rum and in Petra as residents discuss with us their lifestyle and how it has changed over the last few centuries and we will explore the history of the Nabatean dynasty first hand.  This is a course from which students of all majors can benefit as we go beyond the tourist route to understand Jordan inside and out.
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  • Can Pre-Meds Study Abroad? Yes!
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October 8, 2014

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Application Deadlines

Spring Semester Short-term Study Abroad: December 1st

Fall 2015: March 1

Academic Year 2015/16:
March 1
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Choices Fair: Friday, Oct. 10 from 12-2 in Veale

Department of Bioethics "The Amsterdam Experience": Tues., Oct. 22 at 5:00 (Location TBD)

Pre-Med Study Abroad Session: Thursday, Oct. 23 at 5:00 in Tomlinson Lobby

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