Office of Education Abroad Update, April 22, 2015: Issue 66

April 22, 2015: Issue 66

Announcing Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners!

After carefully sifting through almost 100 submissions, the judges have selected the winners of the 2015 study abroad photo contest! This year’s entries showcased an amazing variety of destinations and experiences as documented by CWRU students. While only a handful could be chosen for prizes, we invite you to view more of the remarkable 2015 submissions on our Facebook page. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Overall Winner

The photographer of the Overall Winner in the contest (pictured above), is Abbey Fox. While studying abroad in Spain for the semester, Abbey traveled to Chefchauoen, Morocco, where she took the colorful winning shot, entitled “Chefchauoen”. Abbey says, “These bags of natural paint pigments were scattered around the city of Chefchauoen. I chose this picture because I think the vibrancy of the pigments perfectly represents the vibrant and lively culture of Morocco.” Congratulations to Abbey for her victory!

Cultural Selfie

The winner of the Cultural Selfie category is Andrea Lau. New this year, this category asked students to send us their best selfie with something of cultural significance in the background. The more adventurous the setting, the better! Andrea’s photo, entitled “Wadi Rum at 70 MPH” certainly met the challenge! While studying abroad in Jordan over Spring Break, Andrea set out into the desert. She tells us, “This photo was taken as I rode in the back of an open-air caravan through the Wadi Rum desert. I am wearing a keffiyeh, the traditional headdress of the Bedouin tribe, which is one of Jordan’s oldest cultural identities. Behind me are the awe-inspiring natural rock formations that give Wadi Rum its fame, whose name means “Valley of the Moon” and is the biggest valley in Jordan.” Congratulations to Andrea for capturing her high speed desert adventure!

The World is Your Classroom

The winner of The World Is Your Classroom category is Belle Perez and her winning photo, “Ocean Exams”. While studying abroad last summer on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, Belle took her education far outside the traditional lecture hall! She says, “In Bonaire, where the entire island and surrounding waters are a national park, the ocean is your classroom. In this picture, we’re being tested underwater to see if we can ID live fish that we find while scuba diving. Look at that huge balloonfish!” Congratulations to Belle for capturing her amazing underwater classroom!

CWRU in Motion

The winner of CWRU in Motion is Abbey Fox (also winner the Overall photo!). This category asks students to send us their best photo wearing CWRU gear in front of a site of historical or cultural significance. Once again, the judges chose the “Blue City” of Chefchauoen, Morocco! Abbey tells us, “Everywhere you turn the buildings and streets are painted a mesmerizing blue, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Representing CWRU from across the world in my Spartan blue.” Congratulations again to Abbey for her double win!


The winner of the General Category, which allows students to show off something cultural and unique that might not fit into other categories, is Chloe Gellert. While studying abroad for the semester in Seoul, South Korea, Chloe visited Japan where the winning photo, entitled “At the Golden Temple”, was taken. Chloe says, “While my trip to Japan was short, my companion and I managed to wrangle together a day visiting the temples in Osaka, after renting kimonos for the day and paying to have our hair styled and renting a purse and sandals as well. I chose this photo because…it’s a beautiful photo…and it also captures a lot of my experiences abroad. I am immersed in another place.” Congratulations to Chloe for her victory in the most open-ended and diverse category!

Facebook Favorite

The winner of the Facebook’s Most Likes category is Marianne Bonanno. After an extraordinary and close competition with the Overall Winner, Marianne’s photo emerged victorious with almost 800 likes! Taken at the Keukenhoff Gardens in the Netherlands, Marianne’s photo entitled “Tulpenmanie (‘Tulip Mania’) captivated our Facebook crowd. She tells us, “The title of the photograph originates from the time period in the 16th century called ‘Tulpenmanie’ during which the tulip first gained popularity in the Netherlands. The tulip especially became popular among the upper class during that time, and competition grew among growers over who had the most beautiful tulip…I am surrounded by many vibrant colors of the tulip, which reminds me of that time period during which growers competed to have the best color of tulip.” Congratulations to Marianne for her impressive victory!

Congratulations to all of our winners. Keep your eyes posted for the 2016 Photo Contest next year, and start planning those prize-winning photographs today by visiting or emailing to set up a meeting with your study abroad advisor!

Announcements and Events

Spring 2016 Semester Programs
CWRU has many spring semester study abroad options around the world. Visit our
website to see all spring semester study abroad options. The deadline for Spring 2016 is September 15, so make an appointment today!

Winter Break Study Abroad Information Session--April 23
Learn about all of the Winter Break Study Abroad opportunities! Meet our study abroad advisors! Make plans to go abroad! Do all of this at our Winter Break Study Abroad Information Session on Thursday, April 23 at 4:00 in Tomlinson 135. See all Winter Break Programs here.

Turkish Cultural Celebration and Holiday--April 23
Explore Turkish culture, food, dance, and your study abroad options in Turkey with Turkish students and CWRU faculty. Join us to celebrate Turkey on a very special Turkish holiday: National Sovereignty and Children's Day. The event is from 5 – 8pm in the Tomlinson Lobby.

Featured Program

Study in Costa Rica over Winter Break!

In this multidisciplinary course, students will investigate health care delivery and environmental engineering challenges in Costa Rica while participating in community service experiences. We will study the affects, costs, barriers, ethics, and implementation of public health interventions such as vaccination and water quality engineering.

You will gain firsthand experience of Costa Rican health care through field experiences at national hospitals; a peripheral treatment clinic in a smaller town; and observation of the work of an integrated basic health care team in a native reserve. In addition, students will participate in a water/wastewater project for two communities. Students will collect water quality data and help build a water treatment system to help prevent the spread of water-borne diseases.

Costa Rica has one of the most comprehensive health care and environmental management systems in the Western hemisphere. Despite a per capita GDP of only $10,000 per person, their citizens enjoy a longer life expectancy than those in the United States. Costa Rica is also a leader in the preservation of rain forests and the development of drinking water infrastructure. However, Costa Ricans do not have access to sanitation services.

Instructors for the course are Suzanne Rivera, Ph.D., M.S.W. (V.P. for Research and Dept. of Bioethics faculty member), Michael Householder, Ph.D. (SAGES) & Kurt Rhoads Ph.D., P.E. (Dept. of Civil Engineering). This course is open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students from any discipline. Prior to the trip, students attend six hours of lectures at Case Western Reserve University. Following the trip, students meet with instructors for an additional two hours, and will be expected to complete an original research essay.

Michelle Champior for more information on this course. To learn about all winter break options, contact the Office of Education Abroad at or visit our website at

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April 22, 2015

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