Office of Education Abroad Update, July 15, 2015: Issue 72

July 15, 2015: Issue 72

Reap the Benefits of Study Abroad!

The benefits of studying abroad extend far beyond the study abroad experience itself; study abroad has been proven to positively impact academic performance at the undergraduate level, improve chances of getting into graduate school, and increase starting salaries.
A study abroad experience fosters personal growth and increased independence, allowing students to achieve more academically and professionally. At the undergraduate level, students’ GPA tends to rise after they’ve studied abroad. It also increases the probability of getting into the 1st or 2nd choice graduate school; 90% of study abroad alumni report acceptance to one of their top 2 graduate school choices.
According to sources from the University of California, Merced, 97% of students who studied abroad found a job within 12 months of graduation, compared to 49% of students who did not study abroad.  This drastic difference can be attributed to their study abroad experience, which 84% of students reported helped them build valuable job skills, such as language proficiency, cultural training, tolerance for ambiguity, adaptability, and communication. If all of that isn’t incentive enough, study abroad alumni report a 25% higher starting salary in comparison to students who did not study abroad, allowing them to earn more money throughout their career.

Receive higher grades! Get a good job! Earn a higher salary! Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor today! Email and watch your future unfold.

Announcements and Events

Scholarships Available to Study in Ireland!
Planning on studying abroad in Ireland in fall 2015? Interested in exploring a semester study abroad program in Ireland in spring 2016? These scholarships are for you! First round scholarship applications are due on July 15 with second round applications due October 15. 
Contact the study abroad office to receive the scholarship application packet today to learn more.

Spring 2016 Semester Programs
CWRU has many spring semester study abroad options around the world. Visit our
website to see all spring semester study abroad options. The deadline for Spring 2016 is September 15, so make an appointment today!

Study Abroad During Winter Break
Interested in a short study abroad opportunity this winter? Explore our winter study abroad options. These CWRU courses are offered in the fall with an abroad experience during the break between semesters. For information about these opportunities, contact a study abroad advisor.  See all Winter Break Programs here.

Tour Cleveland on Lolly the Trolly
Saturday, August 22nd from 10:30 – 2pm: Tour Cleveland on Lolly the Trolly with International and Study Abroad Students. Explore downtown, Playhouse Square, the West Side Market, the Rock Hall, and more! For more details and to sign up click here.

Featured Programs

Study Abroad in India or Ecuador with the Mandel School over Winter Break!

The India course, Global Health and Social Development, will focus on health and socio-economic issues of development in India. This 3-credit experiential course is a health and social development collaboration, which includes a short-term cross-cultural immersion and explores the innovative approaches to a fast changing India.  Students will become familiar with Indian social development and social policy issues in regards to multicultural aspects of healthcare, poverty alleviation, non-formal education, and application of information communication technologies in addressing social problems. In this program you will not only experience the challenges and opportunities of rising economy but will also learn from the rich historic and cultural heritage of India.

Ecuador presents another exciting location for a Mandel experiential study abroad program. Experience the capital city, Quito, spend time in the Amazon rain forest, live with Quichua indigenous family for 2 nights, and spend a day with the Afro-indigenous community! This course provides an integrated approach to the study of the multicultural issues related to policies and services that center around human and community development in Ecuador.  There will be visits to urban and rural Ecuador that expose you to basic knowledge of the country’s history, politics, economic system, delivery of social and health services, and the unique diversity of Ecuadorian citizens.   You will have site visits that include programs in health, HIV/AIDS, education, child welfare, disaster interventions, trafficking in human persons, and U.S. Aid policy.

Dr. Mark Chupp for more information on the courses. To learn about all winter break options, contact the Office of Education Abroad at or visit our website at
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  • Featured Program
July 15, 2015

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Application Deadlines

Round 1 Irish Scholarship Deadline: July 15

Winter Break Deadline: September 1

Spring Semester 2016 Deadline: September 15

Round 2 Irish Scholarship Deadline: October 15
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