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When Love Has Been Violated, Love Must Speak & Love Must Roar! 

When a woman's (or a man's) body, sensuality or sex has been violated - physically, verbally or energetically - there is a Force of Love that stirs and rouses in her (or his) very cells.

It is the Love that pulses through the Living Matter of Creation & Form.
Also known as Shakti.
Also known as the Power of The Dragon.
It is a Force of Nature.
As Fierce as it is Benevolent & Nurturing.

When this impulse; this Force of Nature has not been allowed to express, when it has been shamed by a world that lacks the courage to stand in the chaos of its raging storms, hot fires and emotional tsunamis, then it must enter into a holding pattern, where it simmers and smoulders like a great sleeping Dragon.
This 'Dragon' sleeps in her / his warm, damp Pelvic Cave!
If we wish to wake her or him, we've gotta MOVE OUR HIPS!!!
There it will always remain restless and leak out unconscious distortion until its allowed to UNLEASH its statement & expression of LOVE. Until such time, the immensity of this caged, locked-down Power seeks movement because it is Life itself.
When Life is bound to conditions of repression it always comes out sideways - as distortion. Life's Limbs become twisted and gnarled and it's expression tends to cut, maim, limit, punish and castrate.

Here's your discount code to come and awaken your delicious Dragon, in November with us!

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• We've been invited back to CELEBRATING SEXUALITY (also affectionately known as SEX CAMP!), to present 'Pulse Of The Dragon', Melbourne Nov 11th - 13th.
Ticket Sales have just opened for this extraordinary rich, fun, educational 3 day event. There is something for everybody,  of every persuasion and orientation to learn and grow and evolve with, here! 

• PULSE OF THE DRAGON :: Pain Body Integration For Greater Pleasure, is an extremely potent Womb-Hara Pulsing Practice. It gets your hips moving in rhythm with the very Heart of Life, so that we can quit talking about our shit and actually transform it (remarkably quickly) in the Pelvic Cauldron of Change.

May You Live & Love Joyfully, Friend!
♥ Barbara



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