I just adore this woman!
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Friend, I'd like to introduce you to someone very special!

♥ I love this Woman so much and it's such a joy to share her with you here!
Her name is Kaggi Valentine and she's one of the Mothers of "13 Moons Blood Mysteries" - an initiatory 13 month journey into Womens' Mysteries here in Melbourne Australia, that culminates with 6 days of Moon Quest in the ancient Ways of Womens' Dreaming with the Earth ...  
... for re-dreaming the World from the One Womb of Love.

I invite you to make a few moments now, to settle into your breath & sink into your Body - Your Heart - Your Womb and allow yourself to be moved by this beautiful courageous expression of true feminine power ↓
♥ Here's celebrating Kaggi's YouTube debut! ♥

In my monthly Womb Ceremonies, you learn how to move with the Power of your Blood Cycle to shed what does not serve life so that you can Create Your Life in Love as you dream it to be.

The Ceremony itself, brings you into Dreaming with the Moon & the Earth.  It remains available for a month so you can align with this during your bleeding time.  It is valid for menopausal women too, as you have entered your wisdom years, your dreaming / creative power can become even stronger - it has just shifted gears.
Global Womb Ceremony
• Thursday Sept 1st
• USD$25

♥ Everything you Desire to Create & Attract (more of) into your Life, waits in the secret recesses in your BODY of LOVE 

This Ceremony is for activating them. 
It's also for releasing and renewing anything that's in the way of your love, your vision, your passion, your dreams.

Your monthly bleed, the New Moon, the Earth & the availability of this ceremony for the whole month, all conspire to support you with this because
Co-Creating with LOVE is what's being called for Now!


So there are 3 ways to participate!

More info ...

If a friend could benefit from this today,

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