The Scoop on Obsidian + Red Jasper Yoni Eggs

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Hi Friend, I recently finished integrating an amazing 3 month cycle of wearing an Obsidian Yoni Egg intra-vaginally.
Prior to this, I'd been wearing a Jade egg fairly consistently for almost two years, and it's been fantastic -  but when this Obsidian came my way - my oh my! - things went to whole 'nother level!  
So deep. So powerful. So honest. So integral. So liberating.

I got very inspired and seeing how much lack of accurate grounded information there is in the burgeoning Yoni Egg market place, about the effect of the different kinds of gemstone eggs on the Womb, I decided to jump-in and contribute my Wisdom.  
I come to this marketplace, armed with years of experiential knowledge of working with and embodying crystalline frequencies as an advanced Liquid Crystals practitioner.

So, I have a whole heap of eggs here to play with and learn about, from my deeply committed Womb-Centric perspective on all-things-Womanly! 
I will be making them available one-by-one only after I've spent patient time with each one, so I can share what they do from an experiential and embodied perspective.

I currently have two kinds of eggs available:

1) BLACK OBSIDIAN (of course!) - find all the info about this amazing egg and its myriad of wondrous benefits via the link below.  Because it is such a vast stone, it requires the structure of a specific protocol to use as an egg.

2) RED JASPER. Wow! It's such a quiet unassuming stone that's taken me by surprise. I've only been wearing it for a relatively short time and I'm totally amazed!
It's helping me access the most sustained soothing experiences of internal calm and gentleness that I've ever had in my life. In our excessively driven, goal & accomplishment oriented culture, I really feel that every single Western Woman would benefit tremendously from time with this beautiful divine egg.

(If you've never heard of wearing a gemstone egg intra-vaginally before and the whole notion sounds a bit (understandably) weird, read this wee info page about all the BENEFITS & its history of use that I created for you.)


 - for Entering into & Healing within



 - for Slowing Down into Deep


The stories I've thrown into the fire have forged the medicine I carry

   ♥ Barbara

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