September 3, 2020

Autonomous Equipment
on the Smart Farm

The DOT autonomous platform has seen significant use over the various fields of the Olds College Smart Farm and its partner Carson Agricultural Enterprises. So far, 3 fields from Carlson Agricultural Enterprises and 8 fields from Olds College have been either seeded, fertilized, or sprayed with the autonomous platform, covering over 2,200 acres of land between the two farms. Data related to in-field, fuel, and labour efficiency will be compiled and summarized in a future project update. 

See the detailed schematic of this season’s operations below:

Learn More about the DOT Research Project and our Partnership with Local Producers.
DOT Research Article

Drones or Satellite:

Which one predicts crop and pasture biomass more accurately?

The Olds College Smart Farm team tested the accuracy of using drone and satellite imagery to predict biomass, learn more about the project by watching the education sessions created for AgSmart Theatre. 

AgSmart is pleased to launch an educational video theatre as an extension of our AgSmart objective to provide ag tech educational opportunities for producers. Vist AgSmart Theatre.

Drone or Satellite: Which imagery predicts biomass more accurately?

Growing from the Ground Up

Regenerative Agriculture Project Continues at the Olds College Smart Farm

The state of a field is influenced by many variables that are interconnected and dependent on each other. In a field used for cattle grazing, these variables are even more diverse, and managing them can prove a daunting task. This is the purpose behind Olds College’s Regenerative Agriculture project: an undertaking that seeks to identify the key variables of field management to make the most out of a piece of land. The project consists of several aspects that include rotational grazing of cattle, fencing, water management and tailored crop cocktails meant to revitalize poor soil and depleted forages. It also investigates different remote monitoring technologies that allow producers to control or assess pasture conditions from comfort of their own home.

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