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Welcome to the Belated August Edition of the British Aquaponics Association's newsletter - our regular communication to your inbox of all things aquaponic.  

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter and please remember to let us know your own updates so we can share them with the rest of the membership!

Happy Farming!

BAQUA Podcast


Community Aquaponics for Conservation and full feature -Stijn Von Hoestenberghe and Valentijn Schepens of Aqua4C, OmegaBaars and, Belgium
Welcome to our 2nd podcast from the British Aquaponics Association – it was a huge privilege to visit Aqua4C - reputed to be the most sustainable fish farm in the world - in Belgium as part of our Summer 2017 tour of Aquaponic Facilities – you can Listen Here to the episode! Here are the shownotes, including some links to excellent research from Stijn and you can find Aqua4C in the GeoDirectory.

Welcome to our new members!

A big welcome goes out to: Christopher Gabay, Sandy Carney, Eghomwanre Ekunwe, Joanne Bottone, Anthony Dunne, Callum Williams, Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson, George Formosa, Oliver Whitehead, Andrew Sales, Gordon Macphie, Jack Foster, Rachel Van Staden, Holly Voorspuy, Adrian Nuttal, Adam ...  Welcome to the BAQUA network! We offer our sincerest gratitude for your support and hope that you benefit from the network and that we can share lots of aquaponic adventures together!
Lets get to know each other! We spend a lot of time talking directly to members - helping with queries, offering support, signposting etc - and we regularly connect our members ot each other. Now what we really want now is to help members to find each other - So we are giving some TLC to our Geodirectory and Forum- to make those really useful resources for everyone - so please make sure you add yourself to the directory so that we can see where we all are AND - following that  introduce yourself in the forum too! 
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News from our Network

BAQUA partnered with Bristol Fish Project to (dressed as fish) bring an aquaponics display unit to the Permaculture area of the Shambala Festival. We gave 3 hour long talks over the 3 days and had the dome open 24 hours a day for visitors to interact with the display which included some live aquaponics. We are interested in taking the aquaponics dome to visit schools, talks etc - please let us know if you would like us to bring the dome to your event! Did I say we dressed as fish? We did! 
Have news to share with the network? Please email it to

Learn Aquaponics

The British Aquaponics Association BAQUA Learner & Teacher Survey 2017 - Are you interested in learning aquaponics? Do you teach aquaponics? Please fill out: This Survey is another thing that we thought we could contribute to help support the international aquaponics sector -  mapping out the need for aquaponics courses, the information we gather we can then use to matchmake existing courses with learners, and to establish opportunities for education programmes in aquaponics 'deserts'. It can also be used by prospective teachers to investigate what the market for courses in their area might be. Results will be published via the BAQUA newsletter.

You may have visited Bioaqua farm on one of their open days or courses or on one of many BBC programs they have been featured on promoting Aquaponics.. they have had more filming recently for a Channel 4 program with a couple of TV stars which will be showing this winter- more to follow on this soon.

For those who wanting to build your own system and want to start with a successful proven design/system check out Bioaqua farm's intensive 2 day Comprehensive course 

which is equal part theory to practical and includes design, build and management of your system. Next course dates: 21-22 Oct  and 18-19 Nov

For course outline, and more information click HERE  

Bioaqua farm also have 2 day Advance course coming up 23-24 September.
For those who have a system already and want to expand or improve their system as well as learning in depth water chemistry and fish/plant biology plus some of the skills involved in added value production 
For more information click HERE

More courses and tours on our website

Forthcoming Events and Talks

12 September 2017 - Next steps for UK food labelling policy - nutritional guidelines, quality assurance and consumer choices

21st September - Priorities for UK food security post-Brexit: investment, innovation and policy - Westminster Forum - London

Weekend of 1st October - CSA Network UK Open Day - in your area!

3-6 October 2017. Global Outlook on Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) 2017, Dublin, Ireland
17-20 October 2017. Aquaculture Europe 2017Dubrovnik, Croatia

7th Nov 2017 -  REAP conference - a selection of the UK’s most exciting agri-tech start-ups and the researchers who are making new discoveries to benefit agriculture and horticulture - see the full programme here. A number of REAP bursaries are available for farmers and those in full time education in agriculture or a related science. Spaces remain in technical exhibition for interested parties. 

Latest Funding Leads

Just a reminder for project in Wales of dates for the RDP funding

The Granada Foundation was established in 1965 to encourage the study and appreciation of the fine arts and sciences and to promote education, with a particular interest in activity in the North West of England. Deadline September 25th.

Do take time to investigate the European Structural Funds for the UK - loads of calls on at the moment.

Are you a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) working within the aquaculture supply chain, and located within the Highlands and Islands Enterprise area? Do you have an innovative new concept you want to commercialise? You could be eligible for match funding from the Accelerating Aquaculture Innovation (AAI) programme

The Shackleton Foundation are offering support and grants of up to £10,000 to 'to enable aspiring leaders and social entrepreneurs to establish their own ventures to help young people in challenging circumstances.' The next round of funding closes on August 4th. 

Also open for applications is the Lloyds Bank Foundation Invest programme - it's pretty unique, offering grants from £10,000 - £25,000 for two to three years and funding core costs. Applications are open until June 16th.

Veolia Grants <£75k are available to not-for-profit organisations with environmental and community projects that restore derelict land, prevent pollution, provide public amenities or encourage biodiversity and are located within five miles of a qualifying Veolia site in England or Wales.

Deadline 19th October - National Aquarium Limited, makes small grants available for interesting projects that will make a difference to marine conservation. Grants awarded so far have been in the region of £1,200-£5,000 and it is likely that future awards will be of similar amounts.

Find out about these and those in past episodes of this newsletter that may still be active in our funding news section

And don't forget to think about how to ask for money - check out this advice from

This month's words of wisdom:
Chris Smith of says: On the same vein as last month words of wisdom lets try asking ourselves - "will these choices lead me to greater personal freedom?". This is a good thought stream to consider "what can I outsource?" and how much am I focusing on 'shoulds' as opposed to 'want to's'.

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