National senior championships and women's test series against England

We are in for a bonanza of lacrosse in June with the Australian senior women’s and men’s national championships followed by a women’s test match series between Australia and England. To see the full fixture of games CLICK HERE or see below. 

All games will be held at the Footscray Hockey Centre, Fogarty Avenue, Yarraville (get off the Westgate bridge at Spotswood and you are almost there) on a first class artificial playing surface.

Plenty of great lacrosse to be witnessed, so come along, bring a friend, and support the great game and enjoy the lacrosse, perhaps bump into a former team mate or opponent.


While we have not hit the membership we hoped for at this stage we are pleased to advise that we have 78 financial members, at this stage predominantly from Victoria and predominantly males, but we hope to change this with some recruitment and marketing initiatives, including greater representation from women from SA and WA. Watch this space!

At this stage, we only have one overseas member, Bill Stahmer, we know there are quite a few out there, so how about giving any of your overseas contacts an email or call and encourage them to join, the annual cost is minimal and you are contributing to the success and growth of lacrosse in Australia. There are a lot on our distribution list who have not joined as yet, so how about emailing Bill Gray on for a form and join NOW.

I am also pleased to note that our oldest member is over 100 years old. Colwyn “Pud” Martin, formerly from Williamstown, now residing in Port Fairy, Victoria, received the telegram from the Queen several years ago to celebrate his 100th birthday, still going strong, and still supporting lacrosse. Thanks Pud, we will hopefully be down to see you later in the year and perhaps gather some of your recollections of lacrosse back in the 1930s, and your experiences with Captain Fearon, for our next newsletter.

Can you help the national championships organising committee? 

The conduct of a national championship and test series requires a lot of feet on the ground to ensure a smooth running.

The ALA would appreciate any support you could provide, whether it be collecting tickets or money at the gate, to assisting with any administrative duties over the conduct of the events in Melbourne in June 2016. If you can spare an hour on any day please email John Morgan at or contact Karen Meredith at

Anything you can do will be appreciated and you are helping our great game, so come on, do something.

Can you help the LMLC at the national championships? 

We are looking for helpers to grow our membership throughout the championships, if you could spare a few hours to hand out application forms and explain what we are all about, that would be appreciated. If you have a few spare hours please email Bill Gray on or phone on 0429 456 900.