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Celebrating your commitment to project based-learning
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This year empowered 25,000 elementary and middle school children around the globe to experience being a leader of their very own startup.

Dear Educators,
As the summer comes to a close and you embark on the new school year, it is the “year-end” for as well. It is when we take stock of our greatest successes and set the stage for the next year.  I am honored to share with you that we have had a banner year. Here are some highlights of our successes:
  • Four new countries joined our worldwide network: BizWorld Italy, BizWorld UK, BizWorld Denmark, and BizWorld Mexico
  • We established partnerships with school districts creating community-wide momentum for entrepreneurship education in our nation 
  • We launched Bizmovie 2.0 – an exciting new STEM program
This year empowered 25,000 elementary and middle school children around the globe to experience being a leader of their very own startup, bringing our total impact up to more than half a million children since the organization was founded in 1997. As a result, 97% of classes made gains in their knowledge of business, entrepreneurship, and financial concepts. The children’s 21st century skills improved across the board.  The students became more engaged in school and developed an entrepreneurial mindset, which our children need to successfully compete in today’s global economy.

We know that you are asked to do so much in your classrooms: meet new Common Core standards, provide STEM education, teach 21st century skills, develop rigorous and engaging curriculum, and the list goes on. You need resources you can trust to motivate and prepare your students to become better equipped in life and career choices.  We are here to support you with the right tools at the right time so
that your students can link their academic experiences to the real world.
On behalf of, I wish you all the best in your new school year and continued success in your classrooms. We are here to support you. Welcome back to school!

Thais Rezende

Welcome to the community Edison, NJ!
During the 2013-2014 school year, three elementary schools in Edison, NJ taught the BizWorld program to their third grade students.  Teachers at James Monroe, Lincoln, and Woodbrook Elementary Schools worked together to bring entrepreneurship to life for their students.  In total, BizWorld reached 17 classrooms (approximately 425 students!).  

Sara Bright, Elementary Supervisor for the district, said “Students were so excited to implement BizWorld. They cheered when it was “BizWorld” time!  Many students who often find learning challenging were able to tap into their other talents, such as creativity, public speaking, collaboration, or critical thinking.”

Thanks to their fantastic experience, teachers across the district will teach BizWorld at all seven elementary schools.  In the 2014-2015 school year, BizWorld will reach 65 classes (and more than 1,600 students!)

Wow - welcome to the community Edison, NJ!

Do you want to bring BizWorld to your district? Contact us, and we’ll help make it happen!

Originally, Jackie Adams, a 4th grade teacher at Alta Loma Elementary in Peoria, AZ was looking for project ideas for her gifted students, but soon realized that the BizWorld program was ideal for engaging every type and level of learner. Throughout the program, Adams saw her students beam with pride and success at what they were able to accomplish. “The BizWorld program hit on so many standards, but more than that, it made learning fun,” Adams said. “As a teacher, there is no greater reward than seeing the face of a student who is truly engaged in the learning process.” 

Adams also saw her students step out of their comfort zones and traditional roles as they went through the program.  “Those who were completely intimidated by their jobs gained more and more confidence with each meeting they held.  The students who found it difficult to collaborate began sharing ideas. Students who are often overshadowed by their peers found their voice, and their peers began listening to their ideas and realizing their potential and value in their company,” Adams said.
Adams found that the hands-on nature of the BizWorld program provided opportunities for each student to work for and celebrate their own successes as well as their teammates’.  “BizWorld provided the students the opportunity to discover each other’s talents and how to work together to become a successful company,” Adams said.  

As a teacher, Adams also found that the program took her outside her comfort zone, but with support from staff and online resources, she was able to navigate each session with ease.  “After teaching the first few sessions, which are very detailed, I relaxed and had fun with it,” said Adams.

Looking for a fun way to help students learn vocabulary?  Have kids create a fortune teller with the vocabulary of your choice!  Students can work alone, in pairs, or in groups to review the terms and definitions. For a printable template of a foldable vocabulary activity (Vocabulary Fortune Teller) and one with BizWorld vocabulary, click here!

Do you have a tip for other teachers?  Email it here

Are you planning to teach a program this year?  

Register your class by September 15, 2014, and we’ll send you pencils for your classroom!

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