March Newsletter from Windsor Veterinary Clinic and The Downing Center for Animal Pain Management.
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March Newsletter

Enjoy this collection of articles from this past month.


Cold Weather Pet Safety
You're probably aware of the risks posed by summer heat, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets' health. Like worsening arthritis, warm engines, frost bite, deicers, ice, obesity, etc.  Here is a great article of things you should be aware of and how to keep your pet safe.

What's It Like to Be an Avalanche Rescue Dog?
We all know dogs have a great sense of smell and some love to play and root around in the snow.  For these dogs, assisting (or playing, as the dog sees it) with search-and-rescue has led to multiple rescues.  This article takes a look into the daily lives and what it takes to be one of these heroic dogs.

Bonus - Here's a video on the Keystone Ski Patrol Dogs

Cures For the Winter Time Blues
Although we are lucky living in a place with "300 days of sunshine", there are still stretches when we can develop cabin fever.  Our pets are the same -  regretfully often their outlet for the winter doldrums is being a 'bad' dog or cat.  The following are some great articles on how to keep us all entertained when we feel we are stuck inside.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
Do you have a Golden Retriever under the age of 2 years?  If so, you and your pet may be eligible to participate in one of the largest and longest studies to improve the health of dogs.  The Morris Animal Foundation's Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is a groundbreaking effort to learn how to prevent cancer and other diseases by following over 3,000 Golden Retrievers for 10-14 years.

Diet Shaped Dog Domestication
A new study finds that dog's are not small wolves, at least as far as their digestive system goes.  By looking at genes, researches found domestic dogs have evolved the genes to eat a varied diet - a diet more similar to humans than to wolves.

Meat Diet Not Enough for Cats
In a study in the Journal of Animal Science, researchers found that a strictly raw meet diet doesn't meet all the nutritional needs of jaguars, tigers, and domestic cats.

Hospital News and Happenings

Congrats to Dr. Robin.  Dr. Robin was recognized by Veterinary Practice News as one of the 25 Vets to Watch in 2013.  See the article here.

Congrats to Dr. Brent. We received notice last month that he was nominated again for Pets Best Insurance's, "My Vet's the Best" contest. For more info on the contest, see info at Pets Best Insurance
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