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The school year is winding down, the days are getting longer, and here at GCMI we are feeling exhilarated by the exciting growth happening among global disciples! Although the Equip training year is almost complete for several of our mission catalysts, we are already looking forward to welcoming a new group. Preparations are underway for new mission catalysts who are coming to NYC during the summer months. Please pray for them as they finish securing finances and begin the transition. If you have not yet partnered with us financially, and you would like to begin doing so, please contact us through our website.

Because many of our international students will soon be returning home, this is a vital time in our university ministry. Our desire for these students is that they will continue to share Jesus' message with their friends and family once they return. In addition, many people in cities are easier to access during the warmer weather, as they head out to the parks, shops, festivals and other activies. Pray for us as we engage them with abundant gospel sowing. May you also see life and growth throughout the month of May!


The Global City Challenge by Tyler S

In the heartland of our country, Bible college students are preparing to serve Jesus’ Kingdom. While traveling in Illinois and Missouri, I challenged over three hundred of these students. “Do you want to be effective in leading others to expand Jesus’ kingdom in the 21st century? You need to be trained in global city missions, whether you are planning on being a preacher, a teacher or a lay leader.” In part, it may have been the rural context of these colleges which caused puzzled expressions in the classrooms. “Currently, 50 percent of the world lives in cities and 70 percent of the world will be urban by 2050.”

I ask the question many students are probably thinking, “So, how does this apply to you? ‘Tyler, I’m not planning on living in a big city.’ Have you heard of Guilford County, North Carolina with 140 distinct countries of origin represented in the school systems? At times, global city contexts spill over into neighboring regions. Global cities are increasingly emerging in the U.S. and in the world. GCMI is passionate about effectively engaging these opportunities and challenges. You can learn to take on these opportunities through GCMI’s Equip training program in NYC. Will you take the global city challenge?”

When sign ups were completed, 25 students indicated interest in the Equip internship! Several students shared their passion with me. One student desires to reach Chinese, a few others want to work in urban environments and several are already working with Saudi Arabians right in little Joplin, MO. Pray to the Lord of the harvest for these passionate students to become laborers in Jesus’ global harvest!

Multiplication by Seth Bouchelle

Last September I met for the first time with a group of three new Christians at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. All three were passionate to learn more about God’s word and to mature from being disciples to becoming disciple-makers. Last week we met at the gardens for the next to last time. Over the last months, this group has shared the gospel with coworkers, with friends, and, at times, with strangers.

Our little group of four has now expanded to the point that we’re dividing to multiply into four new house churches. Each of the three original members, though still new in their walk with Christ, has now grown to be the leader of a new group of disciples. Their goal is now to train and grow these new disciples (and in several cases disciples-in-the-making) who are under their facilitation to be just as bold in sharing the good news of God and to hopefully raise up a second generation of church planters and disciple-makers.

God is at work in NYC and he is using those of us at GCMI to find workers straight out of the harvest. We believe that this is God’s intention for all who are saved, to become disciples who make disciples: to be redeemed and enter in as a co-laborer for the advance of the Kingdom. In our work, God has raised up those whom he has just taken out of the world and is sending them back in as workers for the gospel. So we ask you to pray with us that God will bring out of the harvest the workers needed to reach our cities. Who is among the unreached in your city whom God has already prepared as a future worker for the harvest?


A Word From Jared

There is an important prayer I try to repeat as often as possible. When Jesus saw the crowds, like sheep without a shepherd, his first response was to tell his followers to pray to the Lord of the harvest for workers. After commanding his disciples to pray for workers, he sends them also out as workers, but his first response was to call on God, the Lord of the harvest. There are two primary sources for discovering workers to serve in God’s mission. From within the Body of Christ and from within the harvest. GCMI is actively seeking workers from both sources. We are training and launching new missionaries to reach the nations in our cities, and we are working to raise people up from within our cities to become disciple-makers in their own communities. Pray with us for both sets of workers – those sent out from the Body of Christ into the harvest and for those who are raised up as Christ’s witnesses from within the harvest.

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