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Are you taking advantage of the last days of warm, relaxing, summer weather? For some of you (in the Southwest), the thought of summer ending may be a relief. Unfortunately, the back-to-school season is near, and we all have to come to terms with the thought of NOT being on vacation. However, we have GOOD NEWS! A GCMI catalyst may be coming to a town near you! Several of our staff will be in the Texas/Oklahoma/New Mexico area during the month of September. If you are looking for some encouraging words about what God is doing in global cities around the world, please contact us to find out when/where you can meet up with a GCMI catalyst.

The Equip training year has officially begun, and our new catalysts are hard at work as they interact with international people groups here in NYC. Please keep them in your prayers during this intense time of transition and growth. We are so excited to see the Kingdom of God literally expand before our eyes. Thank you for partnering with us as lives are changed by the gospel. In addition, if you have intended to send a gift to one of our mission catalysts, but just haven't quite gotten around to it, now is your chance. Click this link to make a one-time or monthly donation.


The Plunge by Tyler S

After returning from Arizona, we plunged back into the urban speedway that is NYC. While walking home, our southwestern saunter was like slow motion in comparison to our neighbors. Thankfully and to my surprise, our apartment felt like home. But what felt foreign? Being surrounded by people from far flung nations around the globe. Engaging the unreached for the first time in a while unearthed an old familiar feeling… FEAR. So, we prayed. Having braced myself, I went out at night and followed up with a Hindu friend. His Hindu co-worker and I talked about different faiths: Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. “Islam views Jesus as prophet but Christianity views Jesus as savior and God. This is why…” Comparing religions helped me share some of Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection! On the way home I talked with some Muslim acquaintances. We were invited, as guests, to attend a final Ramadan (Islam's holy month) meal—a great opportunity to share Jesus with new people.

After the meal, I hung around the mosque and was asked whether I was interested in, "following Islam, the truth path of God." I shared with five Muslims, "In Surah 1 the Qur'an says lead us to the straight path. In the gospel, Jesus says, "I am the path, the truth and life no one comes to the father but through me."

As a result, three younger Muslims sat down with me and asked about my views on Jesus. I then shared the gospel. Prayer and faith helped me overcome fear and take the plunge once more. Like an athlete who’s a little rusty, evangelistic muscles need to be stretched time and time again. Sometimes jumping back into the game is a scary moment. Christians in Arizona, Missouri and elsewhere take this evangelistic plunge with us because Jesus’s kingdom must continue forward. “Making disciples who make disciple that plant churches who plant churches,” forms our heart beat. How will you take the plunge this week and share your faith?

Learning to See God's Work by Kim Gasaway

Everyone needs to practice the skill of appreciating God’s work in his or her life. Sometimes we can see God’s handiwork in mountainous ways, but sometimes we see only “minor miracles”—for example, an incident I had with a hotel reservation. While on an important trip, my hotel’s website had mixed up my reservation, and I waited to see if I could check in. I was standing at the desk, hearing the desk clerk tell person after person that there were no rooms available. As I stepped up, the desk clerk answered the phone. When she hung up, she informed me that someone had just canceled and asked if I wanted the room.

God works in many situations, through many people and in different ways. A young lady we worked with three years ago recently asked if we could reconnect and start again. A church we have been consulting with on their outreach efforts quadrupled in size. On a personal level, a twenty-something man came to me and confessed his prodigal story. After repenting, he began to change his own life and become a witness by gathering others and starting discovery Bible studies.

When God works in your life, you could chalk it up to coincidence and remain in denial…or you can praise him for what he is doing. You could be encouraged that you are on the right path—especially when you can actually see the path set before you. However, a life lived for Christ makes an even greater story when, as he said in John 20:29, “…you have believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” In our daily walk in ministry, we can rely on God to be involved with our search for the persons of peace mentioned in Luke 10. We might not see his preparation, but we ought to be confident that God works in advance if we would just step out. Praising him then takes on a whole new perspective of expectation.


A Word From Jared

Following in the footsteps of Jesus into the missionary journey is always challenging. We must find courage to cross through barriers into situations that are sometimes uncomfortable and often unpredictable. We must overcome our own doubts about our ability to serve God in such a meaningful way. We must be people of vision in order to see beyond the blind spots and barriers and, instead, to see where God is at work and to join Him there. We must have the ability to recognize that we are mere instruments in a larger production. However, the amazing and wonderful part happens when we lean on Jesus and get a front row seat to see God's Kingdom break through and transform a life. Pray with us at Global City Mission Initiative that God will multiply fruit for His glory in His harvest in the city and beyond.

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