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We at GCMI are incredibly thankful for the growth we experienced in 2014. Through workers who answered God's call to mission around the world, we see individual lives and entire communities changing for the better and experiencing the Kingdom of God. While this past year has been amazing, each new year brings unique challenges and opportunities. This year, we invite you to join us in embracing the call to share Christ's love with new people.

A simple act of compassion for a co-worker, a customer or a friend can plant a seed, and we have faith that God honors the work of those who answer the call to Harvest. Please join us in answering that call.

Executive Director Jared Looney will visit the following locations at the end of this month. Come by our table and find out more about the exciting vision we have for 2015!

Pepperdine University- January 21 & 22, Hope International University- January 26th, William Jessup University- January 28th

If you have questions, or are seeking other ways to partner with us, please check out our website.


In The Field by Gabe Brazle

Ching is from Taipei Taiwan and he was a visiting scholar at a major university in NYC until this past September. I was able to connect with him as a part of the EQUIP training program as I was tutoring English on his campus. Ching is a brilliant man intellectually, but his English needed some improvement.

Staying for tea after one of our sessions, I had the opportunity to share my testimony and my faith in Christ. I asked Ching if he had ever read the Bible and if he would be interested in studying it. He said he had only read from Revelations and excitedly agreed to study more, even inviting friends to study with us!

After several months of studying the Truths of the Scripture, Ching began to really take initiative in the group and started to pray out loud to God. He told me he believed in miracles and that he believed meeting me was no coincidence.

During the spring I had to go out of town for several weeks and I asked Ching to lead the Bible study while I was gone. At first he resisted, considering himself inadequate, but after some encouragement, he decided to lead the study. Praise the Lord!

Ching is back home in Taiwan now and sadly has not yet been able to gather others to study with him. He does believe that Jesus is real and he knows that he is capable to lead others to study God’s word. I keep in touch with Ching thanks to Skype and pray for him often. I hope that you will pray for him often too.

Who Is My Neighbor by Brian Hailey

Six Flags: a name that provokes an array of emotions and thoughts depending on your geographical location and cultural/historical upbringing. In the U.S. and Mexico many people will immediately think of roller coasters and thrill rides. In Texas, those who are keen on local history remember the six nations that have flown flags over Texas. How then, does the phrase “six flags” have any connection with Taipei, Taiwan? We can easily identify six foreign nations that have proudly raised their flags over the coveted island since the rule of its original inhabitants: The Spanish, Dutch, the Qing Dynasty, Japan and the Republic of China had their turns at ruling with an iron fist.

What does it mean to be Taiwanese--having your home in Asia’s melting pot is what makes one claim Taiwan as home. Taipei could be compared to an international airport. Although some local workers are permanently stationed there, many people are waiting to be sent on the next flight to destinations across the globe. Every day entrepreneurs, international students, immigrants and visitors from a plethora of places pour into the city while maintaining close relations with family and friends back in the nations they represent.

Unlike Vegas, what happens in Taipei DOES NOT stay in Taipei. We want to see the seeds of the gospel of Christ planted strategically in new disciples of many nations in Taipei who will take the good news back to their families and loved ones abroad. Our prayer is that the six flags that ruled rigidly over the body and spirit in Taiwan will one day herald healing and grace under the banner of the King of kings to all nations of the earth. Taipei is our next strategic city!


A Word From Jared

We appreciate your prayers and your partnership. A key task of GCMI is to mobilize missionary workers for today's mission field, which is increasingly global and urban, and our goal is to develop a missionary network serving in strategic cities. Our vision is to make disciples at the world's crossroads, and NYC serves as a unique training ground for equipping and sending out missionary workers. As we mobilize and train missionaries, we are dreaming about disciple-making initiatives in dynamic international cities like Washington, Vancouver, or Sydney and about smaller global cities like Sacramento, Tampa or Las Vegas. We are praying for financial partners for Brian and Leslie, so they may serve in Taipei. All of our present efforts and each of our missionary dreams come back to a simple prayer that Jesus commanded: Pray to the Lord of the harvest for workers to be sent out. Join us, and pray with us to the Lord of the harvest for workers.

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