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Toward the end of this month, there are several opportunities to connect with us.

-October 29th-November 1st: International Conference On Missions in Richmond, Virginia. Stop by our booth or make a coffee appointment!

-October 31st: Heart for Muslims Conference in NYC, where one of our mission catalysts will be training on how to do evangelistic Bible study with Muslims.

If you would like more information about either of these events, please contact Carey Cox Bouchelle at

-Just as a sneak peek, in early November one of our Mission Catalysts will speak at Johnson University and Lipscomb University in Tennessee. If you are in the area, make plans to connect with him there!


Deep Discipleship by Gabe Brazle

During my time in NYC as a Mission Catalyst I’ve obviously wanted to proclaim the Truth of Christ, and I have. However, in my zeal to talk with as many people as possible I would often go from place to place, coffee bar to restaurant, sometimes not getting back to the original location for a month or more; and I felt this wasn’t working…

I’m a big fan of meeting and sharing the gospel with as many people as possible while looking for receptive hearts that want to know God. But, I also have to realize that the words of a stranger often hold little value, while the words of a friend linger on.

During my first year here in the Bronx I made a good friend from the nation of Albania, I considered us to be close early on in our relationship but it was several months until he acknowledged that we were “officially” friends. Early on, I thought that I could speak to him as a peer and that he would be receptive, but I later learned that I jumped the gun by a couple of months.

Knowledge is good, but it’s what we do with our knowledge that matters. Because relationships within the majority world are more close-knit than American relationships, I’ve needed to be more intentional. Instead of going to a dozen businesses to establish community and gospel inroads, I’m going to 3 or 4. Instead of trying to see twenty ethnic contacts a week for one hour, I’m finding the importance of dwelling with five contacts for four. Jesus had hundreds of followers but he invested in twelve, as I seek to live out and share the Gospel Truth, I’m learning the importance to actually living it out within an intentional community.

Community and the Wheel by Seth Bouchelle

Although we as missionaries are responsible for bringing the gospel message, when working among majority world people groups, we as Westerners can often take community for granted as a pre-existing part of the cultures with whom we are working. Most of the cultural groups we minister among in NYC already have a strong sense of community with one another, and this is a bridge to church planting—as existing communities begin to evolve into church together. When working with native New Yorkers, however, the question arises again: can we produce community among others healthier than the community we practice ourselves?

When I work with leaders in our church networks, I often introduce them to Henri Nouwen's article "Moving From Solitude to Community to Ministry." In the article, Nouwen talks about the Christian's life as a wheel. The hub of the wheel is solitude with God, the spokes are community which is the wheel's support base, and the outer tread is ministry. Without the hub and the spokes, he says, the wheel is unstable and quickly breaks down. In working through this with our church leaders, I have them begin to set goals and expectations for their time in solitude with God and their time in community with one another. It is important that they get these practices established in their lives, because we are going to ask each of our church members to be ministering to others. Yet, each time I go through the wheel with a local disciple-maker, the challenge is issued to me again. As a missionary, am I grounded in solitude with God? Am I invested in a community in a way that supports me in ministry? It is not any good to try to teach others to do what I will not do myself; and there is nowhere that this is as true as in the building of intimate church community.


A Word From Jared

In September, three representatives of Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI) traveled through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We spoke in missions classes at Christian colleges, met with local church leaders, taught at a missions conference and shared the progress and vision of GCMI with potential partners. We especially want to celebrate new partners who joined this ministry with their support during this past month, and we continually appreciate so many of you who give and pray and are such a valuable part of GCMI and its ministry. We are so thankful for our partners. Without each of you, much of what we do would be impossible. Thank you!

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