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Although many of us are experiencing cold and dreary winter weather, GCMI mission catalysts are also experiencing some great and uplifting works of God! There are exciting things happening and many people are hearing the gospel. Check out Kim's story below for just one example of how a compassionate follower of Christ can make a difference.

Executive Director Jared Looney had a safe and fruitful visit to the West Coast last month, and we are so excited about new opportunities in Los Angeles.

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In The Field by Kim Gasaway

The love of God is not just an emotion or action that includes good works but the fuel that drives you. -From Hidden Mercies by Serena Miller

Nicole was having a very bad day. I saw her come into Starbucks early, 5:30 AM. She was hiding her obviously bruised face and seemed very emotional. I asked how she was doing, and she began to weep. She started telling me her story: her lover had just beaten her.

She was a 40-year-old alcoholic, had just come out as a lesbian and the next week she was to go to court for her third DUI. She was embarrassed and worried about her daughters finding out. They were living with her ex-husband. She had nowhere to go. She had lost her job as a loan officer due to her drunkenness. Her life was clearly unraveling.

After listening, I shared what God had done for me with my own past history of alcoholism. By the time she left, she was in good spirits, but I knew that only God could heal her broken heart.

One month later, I received a phone call. It was Nicole! She had been sentenced to 26 days house arrest at her mother’s home and said she had stayed sober and celibate. She had taken Jesus’ message to heart and begun to repent of her sin. Her boss even called and offered her job back, and she was reconnecting with her teenage daughters. Overflowing with gratitude, all she wanted was to share the Gospel with a sick and dying world. Pray for the next steps in Nicole’s story, for continuing transformation and for God to work through her for His Kingdom’s sake.

City Highlight: Los Angeles by Carey Bouchelle

One way to refer to the city of angels might be “city of nations.” There have been multiple waves of immigration into the city, with the most recent wave from 1990-2010. As a city of close to 4 million, the metropolitan area adding another 14 million, Los Angeles and the surrounding area represent a huge opportunity for today’s church. More than 35% of the population in L.A. county is foreign-born. The most well represented countries include: Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, India, Korea, Japan and China. One fifth of the population in L.A. lives below the poverty line.

While the city is known for its beauty and culture, living in L.A. has its risks. Natural disasters roll through on a regular basis; the last large earthquake arrived in 1994. Killing more than fifty people and causing over 49 billion in damages, the Northridge earthquake is the second most costly natural disaster in the US, just behind hurricane Katrina.

Although L.A. is not separated into ethnic neighborhoods to the same degree as cities like NYC, there are a few distinct cultural enclaves including: Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo and Little Armenia. After decades of racial and ethnic conflicts, there are still clear fissures in the unity of the population. Notably, in 1992, there were severe riots after the acquittal of four white police officers on trial for brutality.

The city has seen its share of damage, both physically and socially. Our prayer is that citizens of L.A. will come to know reconciliation and healing through experiencing the love of Jesus.


A Word From Jared

Join us in prayer to the Lord of the harvest for missionary workers serving in Metro L.A. As GCMI develops teams of Mission Catalysts in key global cities, we are working on plans for developing a GCMI team to contribute to God's mission at work in Los Angeles. Help us as partners in this shared mission by passing the word that we are seeking to train and mobilize new GCMI missionaries with a heart for the nations in Metro L.A.

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