Monumental Moments of 2015
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Our favourite time of year has arrived! As 2015 comes to a close, we all find ourselves reflecting on the the best moments of the year and looking forward to a new and exciting 2016 ahead. 

How do we thank everyone in just one newsletter?! Simple - we can't! An impossibility in our world of possibilities and this is the one time that this becomes a positive statement. To ALL our young ambassadors across the globe, our global g4g team, partners and supporters, greenlight girls and parents - 

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Bangalore, India
Sondrio, Italy
Massachusetts, US
Athens, Greece

Krakow, Poland
London @ Imperial College
Amman, Jordan
London @ the World Rugby Cup
New York, US
Mol, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium


The Gift of Giving
A special mention for our partners
Continuing Education Initiatives in Brussels & Greece
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The Gift of Giving
How can you help us grow? With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the gift of giving program.

How does this work?  Our globalgiving projects have a special feature where you can make a tax-deductible donation as a gift in honour or in memory of someone and easily obtain Tribute eCards in just minutes!

If you would like to contribute to our “give girls a greenlight for science” initiative and offer the gift of giving, simply CLICK HERE - > go to DONATE NOW -> then click on “make this donation a gift…-> Choose your card and you’re ready to go! 
Our Partnerships: a Special Mention
We consider ourselves exponentially lucky to have such amazing professionals in STEM supporting greenlight for girls! This year, building our corporate network has been an incredible journey and we would like to take a moment to THANK the many companies and the professionals we have had the pleasure of establishing stronger relationships with: COVESTRO, Procter & Gamble, AIG, CISCO, SWIFT, Euroclear, ASML FoundationHerakleidon Museum, Solidarity Now and the International School of Brussels. Thank you all for working with us to bring forth an important message to girls around the world - that science & technology is not only FUN, but full of possibilities. Here's to an amazing year that's passed & an even better one to come! 
Highlights & Monumental Moments of 2015

g4g in the community@Banglaore, India

Our founder, Melissa Rancourt visits the 5-day Parikrma Science Festival where over 100 students explored innovative techniques in the preservation and sustainability of water! Melissa & our Board of Directors in India, Chandana offer us news from our scholarship girls:
"Inspired once again in India"

LAUNCH of g4g@work with Cisco!

Our diversity & inclusion expert and global CISCO contact, Aurelia Takacs, leads us in a new global initiative to build the future talent pipeline of female engineers & leaders in ICT by experiencing, hands-on what it means to work for Cisco! Our favourite moment? After experiencing Cisco's telepresence technology, one girls exclaims, "I've understood now that technology is the future!" At the end of the day, each girl was personally given a certificate by the General Manager of Cisco BeLux region as a Cisco Certified Future Engineer

g4g Day@Sondrio, Italy

Back in North Italy with many familiar faces, the g4g team - Melissa, Jelena, Jeff and Allessandro - show the girls & boys of Sondrio the science fun behind CSI fingerprinting analysis, codebreaking and human DNA! Our favourite moment: when a student's experiment goes wrong and he sees no DNA in his sample, we ask why and he promptly & confidently states, "because I'm an alien"! :-)

g4g Day@Southcoast, Massachusetts

Another successful year - the 5th annual g4g day in Southcoast is a yearly event inspired by g4gs' Board of Directors in the U.S. Sarah Thomas. In celebration of the international Girls in ICT Day, a special workshop was held on the etiquette of cyberspace. Many more favourite workshops to choose from, like engineering a robot to solve a rubik's cube and tiny critters with giant impacts! EXPERIENCE THE DAY THROUGH OUR BLOG!

g4g back in Athens, Greece for the 2nd time!

LOADS of FUN this year starting out with planning an exciting future with our Project Manager in Greece, Milena; followed by discussing a great partnership with the charming Herakleidon Museum with their director, Nicholas & celebrating by inviting girls to experience fun workshops at the museum! EXPERIENCE THE DAY WITH THE FULL ALBUM PLUS SOME ATTENTION FROM THE MEDIA :-):
Huffington Post GreeceKathimerini English Edition, & My Greek Review

LAUNCH of g4g Day@Krakow,Poland

Greenlight for girls reaches Poland for the first time ever lead by the great CISCO team! Truly a team effort - workshops on robotics, chemistry, routing and more were made possible and the girls simply loved every moment! EXPERIENCE THE DAY WITH OUR VIDEO & FULL ALBUM

LAUNCH of g4g Day@Imperial College London

An illuminating day of science - a team of PhD physicists from Imperial College take us on an adventure to launch the first ever g4g event in the UK! Our favourite moment? hearing the girls impress the keynote speaker by shouting out their knowledge of heterotopicossification!

 g4g Day@Amman, Jordan

Our 2nd annual g4g Day in Jordan lead by an awesome CISCO team was a total success! Favourite moments: The science EXPLOSIONS that occurred, from an hour of code to being creative with T-shirt dye to learning the science behind lip balms & paper chromatography. EXPERIENCE THE DAY WITH A SPECIAL MEDIA VIDEO (In Arabic), and OUR FULL ALBUM!

 g4g in the community@SIBOS, Singapore

In partnership with SWIFT, our founder, Melissa, had the pleasure of welcoming a lucky group of girls to the prestigious SIBOS conference that brings together 8,000+ professionals from financial industries across the globe! Favourite moment? When the girls not only impressed, but slightly stumped SWIFT professionals on their original ideas & questions about finance & technology!

LAUNCH g4g@work with AIG in London!

In celebration of the World Rugby Cup, the g4g team partnered up with AIG to bring forth one amazing day of FUN for girls, linking science to sports and technology! Favourite moments: Experiencing the HAKA 360 virtual reality with the All Blacks star, Aaron Cruden, learning the fun in safety & sport and proving that physics will improve your game! EXPERIENCE THE DAY FROM AN ARTICLE IN THE STANDARD &

 g4g in the classroom@Circleville Elementary, NY

Boo! How fun is it to combine Halloween & Science?! The kids & educators at Circleville Elementary know all too well as the 2nd annual g4g Trick-or-Treat for Science was lead by our NY Project Manager, Andrea Urmston. At this spooktacular event, the kids learned about the statistics with M&Ms, discovered the effects of carbon dioxide with Sprite & pop rocks and much more! EXPERIENCE THE DAY WITH OUR FULL ALBUM!

 g4g Day@Brussels TAKE 1!

Our annual Brussels event at The International School of Brussels was unexpectedly shortened, but it did not dampen our spirits! We are so happy to announce that g4g Day@Brussels TAKE 2 is scheduled for February 27th 2016! A favourite moment thus far: when an ISB security guard came to the rescue and patiently helped a struggling girl with her Physics homework... he doesn't know it yet, but we are secretly planning for him to host his own physics workshop :-).

 g4g Day@Mol, Belgium

At the European School of Mol, 250 girls and boys came together to experience a full day of STEM activities! Favourite momentsExploding Baking Soda, making your hair literally stand on end, creating slime and learning about DNA! EXPERIENCE THE DAY WITH AN
Continuing Education Initiatives w/ g4g!

Greenlight for Science @ISB

An after-school program led by Jelena Lucin, our Project Manager & Science Advisor in Brussels & facilitated by our Project Coordinator, Alexaundra Zanella - we are entering the second semester of hands-on science fun in just one hour! 

STEM&ART Museum Program

Our partnership with Herakleidon Museum in Athens, Greece will be launching a monthly educative program starting January 17th for girls aged 11-15 with the aim of introducing hands-on science workshop at the museum!
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