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June/July Newsletter

What a summer of adventures! Who knew that this sunny season would bring so many new projects to the table of the G4G headquarters, taking us not only to JORDAN but also "en air" with our very own RADIO SHOW? Melissa most likely... Who seemed to sneakily relish on the team's surprise as she announced all of these upcoming projects with her natural spontaneity!

Thankfully, with this season of madness, arrived an incredible batch of new interns - Alexandra, Catriona, Charlotte, Clarissa, Julia and Dana, all led and coordinated by Jelena, our HQ Project Leader. And with this newly formed G4G team, we took on the challenge to revolutionize our approach to social media, updated our website, initiated planning with Aurelia and her lovely team to launch g4g@Jordan and organized our Radio X talk show.

Read on to learn more about Aurelia & the Jordan initiative; our recordings for the RadioX broadcasts; and finally, scroll down further to get a feel for the experience from our interns and our NEW and improved approach to social media!

Our G4g Jordan Team
Radio X Event @ ISB
A Day in the Office w/g4g
Sneak Peak into a few Daily FbThemes!
"Media Monday" talkin' about interviews with robots of MIT!
"Woman of the Week Wednesday"- first woman to ever do a spacewalk, Svetlana Savitskaya
"FunFact Friday" with the Tree of 40 Fruits!!
"DIY Sunday Funday" and Making your Milk come Alive!
G4g@Jordan Day
G4G launches in Amman, Jordan!!
September 13-14th, 2014
We are simply overjoyed to announce to you that Greenlight for Girls is not only reaching out to this beautiful city, but it will be our first ever launch in the Middle East region! It all started with a casual lunch with our founder, Melissa, and a dear friend and supporter, Aurelia Takacs. A conversation later, over what had to be one pretty inspiring entrée, and a transformation had taken place! An idea... a dream... an amazing initiative was put into action!
Aurelia then went on to form a team in Jordan of fantastic fellow engineers; 
Wasan, Rana and Roya, to help with planning this exciting event! Lastly, w
ith generous sponsorships from Cisco and Estarta, this dream has come to life!
The goal for her and her team is simply to make a difference for these girls; to inspire and activate their senses, and to show them that anything really is possible!

In her blog, Aurelia quotes Brigham Young in saying;
"You educate a man; you educate a man. 
You educate a woman; you educate a generation."
Broadcasting with RadioX @ ISB!
Look for us 'on air' beginning September!

“We’re going to be on the radio!”

When Melissa announced this news to us in the beginning of June, it all seemed quite SURREAL… Having always considered that endlessly talking box in the car as controlled by some sort of magic, it was hard to imagine our team being “on air”. Let alone, creating and recording our very own talk show just one month later!

Nevertheless, a wave of brainstorming soon replaced the disbelief in the office and the team got more excited than ever… There were endless facts and figures in science with which we wanted to 'get heard'! After all, if our mission was to make science accessible and fun for girls all around the world, why not do it every week on the radio?

We decided to divide our ideas for the broadcasts into four categories.

In our "DIY experiments" episodes, we would make science accessible to our listeners through fun experiments they could do at home;

In our "Twists and Tricks Explained" in the classroom episodes, we would explain simply some tricky, mind-boggling concepts everyone knows about but never fully grasps;

In "Facts vs Fiction", we would clear up some science myths that have been going around;

And in "Science Takes Over ISB", we would make some physics concepts come alive in action!

One month of brainstorming and research later, we were ready to record! We had the dates: a humble two days - July 10th and 11th to record 48 segments. We had our venue: an incredible space provided by the International School of Brussels, our official partner. And finally, we had the materials for the experiments thanks to Jelena, the project coordinator.

All that we were missing was our talk show girls… but a few emails later, we had a great team going: Five magical interns: three of our own - Clarissa, Dana and Julia - and two sneakily borrowed from the Serendip Spa – Marianne and Sophia; Five wonderful volunteers: four girls from the British School of Brussels - Imogen, Lexy, Maddie  and  Abbie - and Lily with her explosive ideas from ISB; Linda, a g4g mom who for the first time got to see first-hand just how cool our experiments can be; As well as, two guest speakers, Arunima Roy (a Famelab finalist) and Farrukh Yasin (our physics expert) to join the fun! All led by Jelena and accompanied by Melissa, our founder.

But all of this wouldn’t have been possible without one person, that you can see sneaking around in every photo: Emilijia Jovanoska from Radio X. She was there to record every one of our movements and words, stimulating the girls with the right questions and making them comfortable to express themselves as they would in a simple conversation.

Together, this team created ELEPHANT'S TOOTHPASTE, raced SLINKIES, debated why bananas are berries and whether lobsters are immortal, created LAVA LAMPS, understood QUANTUM PHYSICS and defied Newtonian laws of Liquids!
As often is the case in science, we even got a little out of control... going on tangents, and taking our signature Daisy experiment into a conversation about smurfs and how people can turn BLUE or even ORANGE. Why not?... after all, these times end up being the quirkiest, geekiest, and BEST part of being a science lover!

The Fantastic Fact of it all: For the first time in g4g history, we made science fun and accessible to girls ON THE AIR!

To read a more in-depth overview of the event written our intern, Julia, click here!

Busy summer with loads of busy interns!

Wonder what one day in the office looks like? We've been lucky to have so much movement in the office this summer to share with all of you! And we've made the best of it...

With Jelena planning out our day-by-day tasks, while breaking out her juicer whenever we needed that extra dose of vitamin C, we began with developing a solid marketing and communications strategy with our first intern, Alexandra. Teasingly, we called her our "Communications Queen"  and didn't let her get too far; she is now an official member of our team! As she sets off to a new adventure to discover her first college years in Scotland, she will continue helping us from afar and we are grateful to have her!

Catriona and Charlotte were next, and during their time with us, they perfected our "Bath Bombs" experiment, and took charge of our Science Libraries project by preparing a diverse batch of science books,with a  special note in each, for shipment to South Africa! These two have been participating in our workshops during the g4g day in Brussels for three years now! At just 14 & 15 years old, their hope is to become more involved by, for example, becoming volunteers in the next event! Our response: why not become a workshop leader instead! The girls LOVED the idea and we loved having them with us! Read their testimonies below...

From Charlotte:
"For a couple of years now I've been dreaming of becoming an engineer..."

From Catriona:
"Since my beginning with G4G in 2011, when I attended the G4G day in Brussels, I've become more and more inspired!..."


With the help of Dana, Clarissa and Julia, we then headed off to create our Radio X segments. And although these girls were new to g4g, they quickly got "geeky" and comfy with science by researching and developing dialogues for segments like "Are lobsters really immortal?". After a very successful event, we are grateful for their help with documenting the event, communicating it to our network, & creating  some great videos for the "behind-the-scenes" sneak peaks of the two days spent at ISB! Click here to check out one of them!

To all your wonderful interns, we THANK YOU for being a part of our journey this summer and we hope you take some of that science-y goodness with you wherever the roads may take you! 
Also, a special thanks to
Marianne and Sophia for being open and willing in helping us during the Radio X event!! We hope to see you again very soon!

All-in-all, the energy and flow in the office has been full of motivation & ideas! Simply inspiring as we begin to look forward...

The new G4G approach to Social Media
FINALLY a page that both you and your daughter can like on facebook!

Our daily posts are now themed: Media Monday, Talkin' 'bout us Tuesday, Woman of the Week Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Fun Fact Friday, Stressless Saturday, and DIY Sunday Funday!!! Click on the pictures to the left to read up on a few popular posts!

Alexandra, who is the brains behind these themes & even has her labcoat decorated with our themes, writes us some words about the communications world:

"I once heard that the average person produces 200 times more information nowadays than 25 years ago. I have to admit I dismissed that idea quite fast because ironically, it was just “yet-another-information” I had to process in a world of constant information bombardment. But I think I finally grasp it. And more importantly, I think I finally grasp why…"
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