greenlight for girls shows that
"Anything is Possible"

"Anything is Possible"

Greenlight girls of ALL ages, volunteers, students and teachers we need you to send us your photos and videos before Monday the 22nd of April, Join the wave! 

'Anything is Possible!' campaign launched

Why “Anything is Possible!”? Well, since that first e-mail that ignited our organisation, we have always believed that education is behind a better future and that the study of STEM subjects can be an important tool for creating life-changing opportunities for children around the world. When we manage to spread the message that “anything is possible”, we inspire people in overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams. We have partnered with UN ITU's "Tech needs Girls" campaign as well as ECWT to make this possible!
Now we need your help to make it happen. You can be part of our campaign by sending us pictures and videos of yourself and your friends shouting, writing, saying or even drawing the message that “Anything is possible!”. Be creative! After we get all your messages, we will compile them into a final inspiring video, which may be presented at the European Parliament during the International Girl’s in ICT Day, on 25th April 2013.

What you can do

Join us in the fun!
Our message gets stronger when we unite our voices! Let's show students, parents, teachers and organisations worldwide that "Anything is Possible!"
Get creative and take a photo or record a video with your friends, students, colleagues or children and sent it to us!
For more about the campaign and examples of what you can do, visit the "Anything is Possible" webpage or read through our nifty flyer
Send your images and videos to



A message from our partner: Girlsinict Cisco Belgium 

"Girls in ICT Day" is an annual, Global program run by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) since 2011 to encourage ICT enterprises to organise activities for girls to improve their understanding of ICT careers. 30,000 girls were impacted through 1,300 "Girls in ICT Day" activities across 90 countries in 2012. 
The Cisco Girls in ICT event has 2 parts this year!: On the 24th of April we will host a hands-on ICT exploration day at our Cisco Campus in Diegem for 50 girls!
During their visit to one of Cisco's offices, they will have the opportunity to meet women working in the ICT field, pose their career questions, experience Cisco technology for themselves and learn about life working in a large multi-national company. 
For more information, visit the "Girls in ICT Day" website and watch the 2013 promotional video. 
Upcoming Events:
Girls in ICT Day: 25 April
ExpoSciences: 26 - 27 April
Greenlight for girls@SouthCoast: 27 April
Contact us anytime for more information!  Join us on facebook, twitter & Pinterest!

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