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They say that with Fall comes great harvests from seeds - of thought - planted in the spring. Perhaps this is why g4g enters this season enjoying so much activity across four continents!! On the cusp of summer and fall, G4g got to participate in a "Winter Cultural" event in Ouro Branco, Brazil, followed by an incredibly successful g4g Day launch in Amman, Jordan!

We then continued on to spend a day in "paradise" in Brussels with Procter & Gamble during their corporate-giving fundraising event. Finally the month of October brought g4g to its very first event in New York... AND it was Halloween! G4g's"Trick-or-Treat" for Science Day was a big hit and simply began with one teacher's wish to do something different. And if all that is not enough, the fall madness continues as we prepare ourselves for the 5th annual g4gDay@Brussels this November 29th. Stay tuned everyone, but for now... enjoy the pictures and news from these fantastic few months below. 


G4g @Ouro Branco, 

August 2014
"Winter Cultural" w/UFSJ 
Greenlight for Girls in Brazil participates in the 27th "Winter Cultural" Event with UFSJ - Ouro Branco - Minas Gerais - Brazil!

The g4g team in Brazil presented a workshop called "Woman, Art, and Science." The greatest part, as they tell us, was seeing the presence of the parents and their lovely children experiencing science & art together! A big thank you to our volunteers: Priscila, Taynara, Bruna, Isadora, Ligiane, Michele, Carol and Everton - and to our Country Manager, Kelly Torres for making this wonderful event a reality!!

G4g Day@Jordan

September 13th, 2014
Our first event in Amman, Jordan.
Our first time ever in the Middle East!
Here's some g4g math - what do you get when you add: 130 greenlight girls + 60 volunteers + 10 incredible organizations + 4 amazing project team members?...
The answer is: inspired future scientists & engineers + new friendships + lots of science discovery + the promise of next year's event!
To all the individuals and organizations that participated & to the Cisco team for making this inspiring event come to life - THANK YOU! A special tribute and thanks to Princess Sumaya for supporting g4g and to Aurelia Takacs, Jordan project leader, for your vision! And now, we'd like to share with you the press release:

"The goal of this greenlight for girls event was to make a difference for the girls in Jordan and to see the sparkle in their eyes when they’ll be meeting other girls their age from different schools, while working and playing “hands-on” in the workshops, while listening to female role models speaking about their experiences and success in different STEM-related fields...."
G4g Day@New York

October 31st, 2014
"Trick-or-Treat" for Science Day
On Halloween day, New York's science educators & g4g's Project Manager, Andrea Urmston, at Circleville Elementary lead what was an inspiring event for all classrooms to follow. Her words describe it best:

"What do you get when you take the following and mix well: 87 eager 5th graders in pajamas, 6 enthusiastic teachers (also in pajamas), 4 transformed classrooms, notebooks and glow sticks, and HALLOWEEN?...You get an amazing day of inquiry, discovery, teamwork, learning, and FUN!" 
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Some great quotes heard throughout the day from the students:
“Wow, I feel like an actual scientist now! Where can I get one of these?”
“This was so much fun. We finally got to have some hands-on science time.
“Now I want to be an engineer.”
“Our pumpkins are shrinking!”
“If you put in too much of one substance, the recipe will not work.”
“I never knew math and science could be so much fun!”
“5th grade is the best. We never got to do fun things like this in other grades.”
“When can we do this again?”
Our response to the last one - SOON!
G4G @ P&G

September 18th, 2014
A Day of Corporate Giving
Greenlight for girls visits soon-to-be partner, Procter & Gamble for their annual R&D event. What makes this event so special? P&G has joined in on implementing a unique way in which employees and corporations get to give back to the community. During this event, a number of non-profit organizations are invited to come and share their story, while interacting first-hand with the employees to tell then how they can be more involved. Donations are encouraged and welcomed, and what's most inspiring is the number of people who want to help and get involved in the short and long term! 

Just to add on to the fun, this year's theme was tropical! With the sun shining in our faces, sand at our feet and hawaiian leis around our necks, it was an event to remember. A big THANK YOU to Katy for all your support and to all those that contributed and expressed so much enthusiasm for g4g! We are so excited to collaborate with you further and see where the future takes us. 

Best Wishes,
The g4g Team
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