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Dear greenlight girls, families, partners and community. Is it already November?!  Time is flying by so fast.  Just back from Greece and now this month brings us back to where it all started... Brussels at the International School of Brussels! We held our 4th annual g4g day in Brussels and thanks to the wonderful partnership with ISB we were very lucky to use their brand new high school building for our event. This month’s pictures are all from the event thanks to our incredibly-talented g4g photographer Besma. More in this month's newsletter -  read about our upcoming events, tree planting and winter science social. We also have a special post from Brazil!
Upcomming Events 
24 November: Tree planting day
25 - 30 November: European Code Week
15 December: Save the date - g4g Winter Science Social!

Winter Science Social
On December 15th 2013 in Brussels, we will be hosting a second event in our series of 'Science Socials'. The Winter Science Social will be held with the goal to fundraise for greenlight for girls and future projects. Some of our priorities are to raise money for the annual event in the DRC, Kinshasa as well as money for the scholarship girls. We will host a wine tasting event of Spanish wines accompanied with live music and other refreshments and finger foods. Email us if you are interested in attending this event and we will be sure to send you more information soon!
Recent online activities
Travel Giver 
Next time you buy an airplane ticket for a business trip or even plan a family vacation you can make the bookings through which allows you access to all your usual booking sites such as and Expedia and at the same time lets you donate to greenlight for girls at absolutly no cost to you! 
Rickshaw Race on RadioX

We're on-line! Catch Leslie, Nevena and Melissa on the radio talking about Team L&A's plans for the amazing Ricksaw Run this December!
Listen to the podcast here
November in photos 
Daisies, Princess Scientists, Lasers, DNA, Chemistry, Big Bang... yes it was our 4th g4g day in Brussels!!

Our 4th annual g4g day @ Brussels was held at the International School of Brussels and we welcomed 180 girls and 60 volunteers for a fun day of science. This year some of the workshops were run by greenlight girls themselves in which they prepared interactive science labs to engage students aged 11 - 15 years old. The day consisted of workshops from all areas of 'STEM' - Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering such as DNA extraction of fruits, Design your dream house, Invent and save the world, Visual Programming with Penguins, Breakdown and Rebuild a computer and learning about careers in STEM. Also new this year was our Science Library corner in which participants were invited to inscribe a message in a science book that will be sent to Uganda and Cameroon to start science libraries in local orphanages and schools. 
A few special items to mention that made this event even more special…

  • For the first time ever in g4g history (that is – if an organization as young as ours can already have a history) – some greenlight girls from previous events were workshop leaders at the mature age of 15+.  What was amazing was that they came to us with this idea – and this has given the inspiration to the participants to ask if they can do the same next year.  Their workshops were well prepared, the science was clearly explained and the participants enjoyed the hands-on learning that they presented.
  • We were very lucking to have RadioX at the event for a live broadcast during the entire day – many girls volunteered to give their views about science on the air and we cannot wait to share the final product with you!
  • Enthusiastic ISB Teacher, Nikki Vreugdenhil, implored us to allow her younger students to join as they were so excited about science – so for the first time for our Brussels event, we had a small group of 9-year olds participate in our 11-15year old event.  They ended up being the most confident and vocal in our last session when we asked the girls to speak in the plenary session to tell us what they learned.  One of the littlest of girls, whose lab coat dragged on the floor behind her, ‘Princess Scientist’ was one of the most outspoken girls in the entire event and loved to share her learning with everyone (and an amusing anecdote that our volunteers loved… we asked her if she wanted to be interviewed on the Radio and she told us, “Oh, that’s okay – I’ve already been on the radio many, many times”).
  • We also got a chance to hear how the man from the photonics workshop went and picked germs off the street (“yuukkyyy”) and then went on to tell us how fast germs move in water!

Thank you to all those involved and If you missed the chance to be involved this year there will be plenty more opportunities in the future so stay in touch with us through our facebook, website and the Newsletter!
Thank you to all our Sponsors and Supporters for helping us hold this event!

greenlight girls now give their own workshops
For the first time at a g4g event we were approached by greenlight girls, who have attended our events in previous years, got inspired and decided they would like to get involved more... how? Well by giving a workshop themselves of course! 2 groups of girls got together in their spare time, weekends and after school to plan an educational and hands-on science workshop for our g4g day @Brussels 2013. One group focused on bath bombs and what makes them 'explode' in the water. They got creative and included different aroma therapy for muscle relaxation while you bath. Another set of girls decided to tackle the problem of bad skin! They called their workshop 'Skin for Win' and devised masks and creams that aid in helping girls get through breakouts which result from stress and teenage years.
Both workshops were the most popular of the event and we can understand why! They were fun and yet educational. We hope that we double this number next year and offer even more workshops from previous greenlight girls themselves! 

Stargazing with Astrophysicists in Brazil 
At g4g, we often speak about the word geek.  Or the word nerd.  Or other such words that are used, and often not in a nice way, to describe someone who is too intellectual or perhaps someone who is too knowledgeable or too enthusiastic in something scientific.  As you may already know, we at greenlight for girls wish to change the negative connotation of the word geek.  We even put together a video about this for kids.  
We think geeks are cool.  In fact, we know this is true.  You would too if you had the chance to go to the g4g in the community event in Brazil this past August.  Many, many greenlight geeks showed up.  We were geeks of all ages – toddlers to pensioners.  We were geeks of all types – men, women, girls, boys, students, workers.  The Mayor of the town showed up – she is a geek.  Our beautiful Kelly, g4g Brazil manager, is an astrophysicist geek.  Families were there – everyone a geek. 
Do you know why we knew that everyone was a geek?  Because their eyes lit up when they walked in the door.  Because they didn’t walk – they RAN to the science exhibits.  The museum from a nearby town brought a truck full of science fun – puzzles & optical illusions, human anatomy, wind & solar power, 3-D theatres, learning about the world around us… so much fun to play with.
The most magical moment was the end of the evening when a team of scientists invited us to join them on the mountain.  Telescopes of all sizes were assembled and perfected – the true love for their profession shown in the eyes of these astrophysicists as they wanted to get the telescopes just right in order to share with their family and friends.  With only the moonlight shining upon us, each of us had the chance to peer into the starry skies.  “I can see Saturn’s ring!!” was a common cry of surprise as all of us, all ages, had a chance to stargaze.
Intellectual.  Knowledgeable.  Enthusiastic.  Science.  Check, check, check and check.  Yes, we are all geeks and proud of it.

Greenlight for girls in Milan and New York: Call for interest 
We have recently received very good news that we will be launching a greenlight for girls day in two new cities in 2014 - Milan and in New York! If you are located in either of these cities (or know someone who is) and would like to be involved in this exciting initiative then please don’t hesitate to contact us! New York and Milan... we cannot wait to see you next year!!
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