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Eavesdropping- The Book

Another Kernel

Last month, we shared with you the image of “kernels” – elements, strategies, recipes that may be helpful to us as we reinvent ourselves – as we encounter and deal with life’s surprises and obstacles.

Another kernel, thanks to Peggy Post

Kendra Brown

In January, I was asked by a local women’s club to speak about our book, Eavesdropping. As I enjoyed lunch with the group, I learned that one of their members was planning a hike that sounded really interesting.  The woman to my left whispered in my ear that Peggy Post, the hike leader, would be someone I’d like to meet – a woman who had reinvented her life in a remarkable way. 
I immediately decided I wanted to interview Peggy and shamelessly enticed her by an offer of lunch and a tour of my home and 10 acres. She agreed to come, saying that the tour possibility was too tempting to resist.
In summary, Peggy’s story, is that – like many of us – she reinvented herself many times. She laughed as she described life as a “learning curve.”  Professionally, she was a court reporter.  She married an attorney and became step-mother to his children.  They lived in an old home in Miami Beach.  After Hurricane Andrew, it became impossible to get repair people for their “golden oldie” home, and that prompted their move to Stuart.  Unfortunately, her husband became ill and they suffered together through his long (10 year) illness.  He died two years ago. 
During his illness, when Peggy took care-giving breaks, she looked for something to rekindle her energy.  She began to explore hiking areas close to Stuart.  She took her camera along, keeping notes of her explorations.  She began to tell others about these forays and their interest prompted her to write her first book, One Day Jaunts. That book led to the development of a PowerPoint program of her photographs, and she was soon   invited to speak to local groups. 
Since the original book, she has written two more – one about trails near her Sky Valley, Georgia residence and one about Indian folklore.  She is passionate about creating another book about her favorite trail in Sky Valley. 
Passion!  That’s the kernel Peggy added to our arsenal.  Peggy said that finding a passion and pursuing it has been key to both surviving and thriving.  For her, this doesn’t have to be THE passion – just A passion.  She pursues it until she tires of it.  Then, she searches for another one.  A passion:  something to look forward to each day, to think about and plan for – to add enjoyment, positive goals, and creativity to our everyday lives.
Big Cypress National Preserve
NPS photo by: Gustave Pellerin

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Gifts of Age

From June's favorite books:

Gifts of Age: Portraits and Essays of 32 Remarkable Women 
Author: Charlotte Painter
Photographer: Pamela Valois

June recommended this book to Kendra with a lovely note:

"I remember having it at my bedside and reading one essay each night - sometimes rereading.  I was in my fifties then, and thinking while reading it that growing old can be good!"
Writer Charlotte Painter and artist/photographer Pamela Valois have combined their impressive talents to present these intimate glimpses into the lives of thirty-two remarkable women, each of whom has discovered in maturity the opportunity of exploring new and exciting challenges. These are the Gifts of Age: the time, the freedom, and hopefully the wisdom to develop creative new images of oneself and one's place in the complexities of a long life.  (Click here for link to complete Amazon book description and reviews.)
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