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Health Span- Not Just Life Span


One of those discussions I never had with my mama had to do with health issues as we get older - and not just our own – but those of friends and family too.  In my private practice, I often see people whose depression is linked to an unpleasant “ride” on what I call “the medical merry-go-round” as they go from appointments with physicians -  to laboratories where they are poked and scanned -  to other physicians -to pharmacists, and sometimes back around again. 

It’s not surprising that one becomes depressed from this very “un-merry-go-round.”  Recently, I was talking with a friend about tests and procedures she was undergoing.  
Rather than being depressed, she chooses to talk encouragingly to herself about health and well-being and how participating in this medical process can be viewed differently.  She said I could quote her for the newsletter, and so, her wise words follow.  Thanks to Dr. Trudy Sack.    
“I have gotten into the habit of periodically sincerely thanking my body for all it does and my good health. Many times I dedicate my Yoga and Pilates practice that day to my body. When I play tennis, I try to remember and acknowledge that my body is allowing me to play that day.

I pat myself on the back whenever going to a doctor for helping my body stay healthy. I acknowledge that I dread doctors' appointments and all kinds of examinations but I am going anyway..... I give myself credit for being there knowing it is the right thing to do for my body that has given me so much joy and so little aggravation and pain.”  

Salutes to Re-Inventing and Aging Powerfully


In the newsletter from April 2014, I proposed an Eavesdropping’s “Aging Powerfully Award.”  The first award went to Pauline McArthur, who continued to work – with vitality and enthusiasm -  at her family restaurant (Harry and the Natives) long past retirement years. 
For the second award, I propose Jackson Hurst, Jr.  

Mr. Hurst is pictured receiving his diploma, as he graduated from Indian River State College, with a degree in applied science/organizational 
management – AT AGE 81.

Click here for a link to article.

Talk about reinventing…..

I received this YouTube link from a friend.  I plan to keep it handy to remind me what can be reclaimed with courage.   Click here for a link to the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra video. 

As elders, we too get "thrown away"............discarded as useless and worn out..............not in fashion anymore..................yet we can make beautiful music if we discover how to re-create ourselves.

The Dr. is in….. the Garden!

Actually, two Drs. were in the Garden - with art- on May 1.  The photo on the left is Dr. Trudy Sack, who volunteered to assist me in this workshop.  In addition to being supportive, she is very creative, and it was nice to have her capable help. What a pleasure it was to teach basic hypertufa to enthusiastic students in the serene and lovely Heathcote Botanical Gardens. Each participant left with her, or his, own pot, instructions to create more on their own, and a DVD on basic hypertufa - featuring my friend, Raymond Grazzo ("the concrete guru") and me.
Heathcote's Director, Miriam Charles, and I are looking forward to more workshops of this kind in the Fall.  We will post those on this website, so stay tuned!
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