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“…a time to seek, 
and a time to lose; 
a time to keep, 

and a time to cast away.” 


Frequently, I write and talk about the importance of re-creating ourselves and about ways to add activities that enrich and enliven.  Recently, however, I realized that I needed to step away from my busy-ness – even from those activities that I routinely enjoy and endorse.  I recalled the wisdom from the 3rd century, BCE, contained in the book of Ecclesiastes.
According to Wikipedia, the American novelist, Thomas Wolfe, called Ecclesiastes the wisest and most powerful expression of our life on earth. It is one of the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible and is included in the Christian Old Testament. The beautifully written Chapter 3 is well known to most of us.  In the late 1950’s Pete Seeger wrote “Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)" in which the principle lyrics are adapted word-for-word from Chapter 3. 
In particular, I was thinking of verse 6 (from the American Standard Version):  “a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away.”
“Casting away” my routine activities was harder than I anticipated.  I kept thinking:  â€œThere is something I NEED to be doing.”  I resisted the tempting sales at the mall.  I found that various errands were not actually “necessary” at all. This doesn’t mean that I sat for days in a yoga position meditating.  I tried out some new recipes; I painted a little; I read; I worked puzzles.  It’s just that my activities were those that appealed to me – at the moment.  I decided to interpret “a time to lose…” literally - as freedom to lose “time” itself and the constraints that clocks and schedules have on my daily life.  I moved through the week in a self-nurturing way.  I even took TWO whirlpool baths!  It has been a lovely vacation. 
As I “drifted” through my week, I realized that I was really listening to myself.  This is similar, of course, to the results of “Mindful Meditation” that I encourage and endorse. During quiet reflection, we routinely discover (as Ecclesiastes says) there are things we can shed (“cast away”) and there are things we should consider and pursue (“seek”). 
And so, I encourage you to try taking this special time for yourself.  Even if you are retired and don’t have an office schedule, this departure from daily life can be renewing and reinvigorating. In addition to the insights you will probably gain, the action of making this change – and experiencing its benefits - may even prompt you to try other changes!  

Great News for those of us who have sleep disturbances:

JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) has published an article on a clinical trial conducted from January 1 through December 31 of 2012.  The results of this research were that practicing “Mindful Meditation” significantly improved sleep quality and quality of daily life. 
I eagerly read the abstract and plan to read more about this study.  We are now routinely seeing the endorsements of meditation from upper level health care professionals and universities.  I would recommend incorporating “Mindful Meditation” in your practice.  You may find the March and April (2014) Newsletters helpful.  

Fun in the Garden

We’ve been teasing for a several months with coming attractions of Fun in the Garden and Hypertufa.  In the garden is where Kendra’s renewal and creativity combine. If you are wondering what Hypertufa is- check out this video Kendra created with Raymond Grasso. Getting Started with Hypertufa.
Kendra shared her Hypertufa knowledge while on a book talk in Glenwood, NM. Perennial  garden educator  Caryn Kinane-Setaro joined Kendra in a Hypertufa workshop.
We’ll have more on the renewing powers of Fun in the Garden, Hyperfua and a series of workshops coming this fall: The Dr. is in…the Garden.
"Hypertufa adds both art and an earthy element to container gardens."
Caryn Kinane-Setaro 
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