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A Time for Reinventing

As Terry Gray and I journeyed through New Mexico (December's newsletter), we were fascinated by some of the road signs:

“Gusty Winds May Blow!” and  â€œDust Storms May Exist!”
And we laughed together as we agreed these signs should be posted along life’s journey. 
Hopefully, as one ages and becomes a “mature person” she (or he) realizes that plans, goals and even resolutions must change as we change and/or our situations change.  A New Year’s resolution to play tennis at a better level is certainly attainable; but a goal to play at a high national level is probably not going to meet with success. 
January might be just the right month to take an objective assessment.

Along with resolutions - such as:  How is your health?  Are there concerns you need to address?  Are there realistic goals to take off a few pounds? To walk more? To meditate for stress reduction?  
Perhaps it is time for some reinventing.   In particular – pay attention to:  How often do you experience JOY?  In our September 2013 newsletter, we included a useful exercise to help our readers find activities that will increase joy.  I encourage you to print that exercise and go through it.  I did – just recently – and found it very helpful.  I now have an exciting reinventing idea for 2015 and each day, just thinking about it adds to my happiness.

As I scanned the newsletters from the past, I found several topics that were helpful.  I encourage you to do so too.  We’d love to hear from you: which ones did you like?

Send us an email about the topic you found most helpful and continue the conversation by adding your insights too.

Links & Articles 

Here are a couple of links/articles that we hope you enjoy:

Recently, on WQCS, my local NRP station, I heard an interview about “Legacy Letters.”

I was especially interested because Eavesdropping has a chapter on “intangible legacies” and an appendix on writing an ethical will.  I found the website for Legacy Letters and think it is very interesting and useful.  I hope you will too.

WQCS Legacy Letters Link


We recommend this book in the September 2014 newsletter.  Here’ a link to a WTTW- Chicago Tonight interview with Author Chris Farrell .

 â€œUnretirement: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community and the Good Life. Farrell writes that aging workers have the opportunity to reinvent themselves, which is beneficial to the baby boomer population and society as a whole. He argues that “work is much more than an income,” and that the focus later in life should be on pursuing meaningful ventures, not preparing for the worst.”

WTTW- Chicago Tonight Chris Farrell Interview
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