Raising Little Heroes:  May Newsletter
Raising Little Heroes: May 2014

 Thank A Teacher

Our first Thank A Teacher Event was a great success! Children made thank you cards of apple trees with special notes to their teachers. The children (and adults!) learned a little origami and created cats, dogs, flowers, and cranes. Fun for all ages!
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Saturday June 14th, 10AM

We plan to partner up again with Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation whose goal is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so they can ultimately be returned to their natural habitats. They will be giving an educational presentation including a puppet show.  Children will be involved in activities to help support Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation's mission as well as cleaning up our adopted Wonderland Park in North Boulder. We will meet at the playground and suggest parking by the big sign on Poplar. See the evite for more information!

Friday July 11th, 11AM
In July, we are partnering with Lakeshore Athletic Club in Broomfield to sell lemonade and baked goods for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  ALexandra "Alex" Scott was 4 years old when she went on a mission to find a cure for all childhood cancers by raising money for childhood cancer research through her lemonade stand.  After Alex passed away in August 2004, her dream and her mission continues.  We are excited to contribute to the mission.  Please watch out for our evite for more details.
August event
We are hoping that our August event will be a creation from the kids at Lakeshore Athletic Club. We plan to get children involved in the community service planning stage early on in the summer and create an event for August! Stay tuned for more details :)

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If you would like to be more involved but are not sure you want to commit to any of our available positions, we can always use committee help for individual projects.  If one of our upcoming projects looks particularly interesting to you, please consider contacting us about helping to run that specific event.

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