Raising Little Heroes:  April Newsletter
Introduction to Wonderland!

On Saturday, March 16th, 11 RLH families gathered at our adopted Wonderland Park here in Boulder to get a general overview of how we can care for our park year round.  We also installed a sign telling anyone who visits that RLH will be proud stewards of this beautiful park.  We plan on considering Wonderland our official RLH home for warm weather events whenever we can so count on spending a lot of fun filled days there with your families!  We were able to get a little work done on the 16th, but will be having our big official Spring Cleanup on Saturday April 20th.  See our "Current Project Specifics" page on our website for more specific information.
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RLH Advisory Board

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*If you are interested in being on our Advisory Board, please contact us at raisinglittleheroes@yahoo.com for more information*

Thursday, May 2nd

We will be driving up to Northridge Highschool in Greeley (about an hour from Boulder) to help out with the Special Olympics Weld County school day athletics track meet.  If you would like to help serve lunch, greet people, cheer on athletes and enjoy a morning full of inspiration and fun then you should come on up with us.  For more information, please see the Evite.

Saturday, May 11th

Over the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure of working with Denver nonprofit, Water for People on creating an opportunity aimed at raising awareness and teaching our children about the importance of bringing sustainable, clean water systems to communities around the world that desperately need it.  I hope you will join us in supporting this invaluable organization because the work that they do is incredible and the event is going  to be a blast.  For more information and/or to RSVP, please see the Evite.

Sunday, June 9th

Lynn Hall from the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont will be joining us at 10am on Sunday, June 9th to give a presentation.  Following the presentation, we will provide tools, materials and guidance so our kiddos can build squirrel nest boxes for use at the center.  We will also be handpicking grass for the rabbits there, because they need grass that has not been mowed by machines (gas leaks onto those clippings).  Should be great, so keep your eyes peeled for more specific information soon.

Want a Raising Little Heroes tshirt to wear to events and around town?  Let us know and we will order a few for you and your family members.  For more information, please see the "RLH tshirts" page on our website.  Order today!

We need your feedback as we begin to plan more events, so if you haven't already, please take a few moments to fill out our Family Survey.

Interested in being on our Advisory Board?  Want to be more involved in planning and pulling off our events?  You might want to consider checking out our "Volunteer Positions" page for information about available positions.  We have a great team, but we could use more help coming up with fun and interesting projects for our families.  Join our team now and be part of the excitement!

If you would like to be more involved but are not sure you want to commit to any of our available positions, we can always use committee help for individual projects.  If one of our upcoming projects looks particularly interesting to you, please consider contacting us about helping to run that specific event.
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