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Raising Little Heroes: May 2015

Support the Longmont Humane Society

Seventeen families came together (31 kids, 21 adults) to show some love to our furry friends at the Longmont Humane Society.

Co-host Chelsea Pohl from Little Locheart Arts (a local organization serving families who have childcare needs during school days off and summer break) led an art project that resulted in some colorful new cat toys for the feline residents of the Humane Society.

Families brought along items from the LHS wish list so we were able to hand over a big pile of great stuff that we are sure will be put to good use. After the event, most of us even stayed to visit with the cats, rabbits and dogs!

Thanks go to all who attended and to Chelsea and Kennedy from Little Locheart Arts!

RLH Advisory Board

Rachel Bannon-Godfrey
Nancy Chen Marden
Hetal Mehta
Brooke Rakow
Sarah Stith

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May 23rd

Bringing Back Beauty to Jamestown 

We heard about the Bringing Back Beauty to Jamestown initiative and were inspired to lend a little helping hand to our neighbors who've had a tough time since the flood. We'll decorate pots and plant flowers to brighten up their homes. Please RSVP to the evite so we can make sure to have enough supplies for everyone.



Raising Little Heroes Club

Summer is a busy time for us all, so we're bringing back the Raising Little Heroes Club with a focus on the Earth this year! We will provide a chart to hang in your home that will inspire you and your families to think creatively about ways to help our Earth. Stay tuned for details about the ice cream party celebration!



For our July event, we hope to help those in Nepal post earthquake and bring some awareness to our heroes about the Nepalese culture. Details to come. 

Want a Raising Little Heroes tshirt to wear to events and around town?  Let us know and we will order a few for you and your family members.  For more information, please see the "RLH tshirts" page on our website.  Order today!

We need your feedback as we begin to plan more events, so if you haven't already, please take a few moments to fill out our Family Survey.

Interested in being on our Advisory Board?  Want to be more involved in planning and pulling off our events?  You might want to consider checking out our "Volunteer Positions" page for information about available positions.  We have a great team, but we could use more help coming up with fun and interesting projects for our families.  Join our team now and be part of the excitement!

If you would like to be more involved but are not sure you want to commit to any of our available positions, we can always use committee help for individual projects.  If one of our upcoming projects looks particularly interesting to you, please consider contacting us about helping to run that specific event.

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