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14 March 2013
Update: Regreening Australia


Does Australia need a new narrative about managing its landscapes that goes beyond 'regreening' and the conservation ethic? 
Do we need to talk about transformation?

The Regreening Australia roundtable was held at Melbourne University on 21 February and was attended by 28 invited guests with many years of experience and diverse expertise across a variety of fields, including land restoration, climate change and community engagement. The group explored the question: 

What are the benefits of large-scale reforestation and revegetation, and how can they best be achieved

  • across environmental, economic and social domains?
  • across national, regional and local scales?
  • across industry, and resource sectors?
What began to emerge on the day was the possibility of a new narrative that goes beyond the conservation ethic and ‘regreening’ to embrace, integrate, and balance the multiple values and functions needed to create resilient landscapes. Rather than regreening, people began to talk about transformation. The Chair of the roundtable,  Richard Eckersley commented:   

Climate change is the game changer in the management of Australian environments. It will have huge impacts, and how we manage our landscapes must reflect those
impacts, and embrace both mitigation and adaptation. One of the issues explored in the roundtable was whether the activities taking place in this area, while they have increased, are enough, given the magnitude of the challenges.

The roundtable report, which will include case studies, is likely to focus on a paradigm shift in how we think about Australian landscapes and their transformation. It will be available later this year.   

For the Regreening Australia roundtable, we gratefully acknowledge the support of
-  the Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria 
-  the Primary Industries Adaptation Research Network 
-  the estate of Jan Lee Martin, via a bequest donated by Richard Eckersley.  

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