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10 September 2014

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Amelia Gates appointed Young Australia21 Co-ordinator

The idea is to have a youth engagement strategy that is substantial and gives back to the young volunteer as much as they give to YA21.”
                           Amelia Gates, YA21 Coordinator

We welcome Amelia to Australia21 and look forward to working with her and our other young volunteers to strengthen the voice of young people on the issues that matter to them and to the future of Australia. As volunteer Young Australia21 (YA21) Co-ordinator Amelia will: 
  • Work with our two Honorary Youth Advisers and other young volunteers to develop a YA21 program on topics of interest to young people
  • Publicise and promote YA21 to youth networks and the broader community
  • Build volunteer capacity, engagement and networking among young people
  • Develop and manage the YA21 social media presence
  • Attract support for YA21 programs and encourage fundraising activities that are both fun and successful.
About Amelia
Amelia is Humanitarian Adviser to Richard Marles MP, Shadow Immigration an
d Border Protection Minister. She recently returned from Europe where she was undertook three internships -  with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Bureau for Europe in Brussels, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, and the United Nations Development Program/Global Program for Parliamentary Strengthening (UNDP/GPPS) in Brussels.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in  Arts and Archaeology, a Graduate Diploma in International and Comparative Law and a Master’s degree in International Law and International Relations.

Amelia’s vision for YA21:   
"On my return to Australia I found that the youth voice, while present, is not as vocal here in comparison. There were advantages and disadvantages to the youth voice in Brussels. The access to the major institutions was amazing, the turnout for these events was huge, but there were so many youth voice organisations that a lot of the messages got lost in the din. There was not much coordination between the organisations and they competed for access and for ears.
I would like to help establish the YA21 across Australia. I think this is a really great initiative If YA21 could be the mustering point or a coordinated network for Australia's youth concerns then I think it would be of great value. Targeted messaging on issues and being smart about who and how to approach are two things I think are really important in order to establish an organisation that people seek out. To be a youth organisation that decision-makers, professionals, legislators approach would be a valuable reputation to have.

What Amelia will do next
Her first task will be to make contact with the 60 or so young people who have connected with Australia21 to find out
  • What was the experience of contact with A21 like? How could it be improved?
  • What issues are they most passionate about?
  • What areas of interest to them are not being covered by Australia21? 
  • What kinds of projects should YA21 undertake?
  • What skills would they like to contribute to A21's work?
  • What ideas they have for fundraising that would be fun and effective in generating resources for YA21. 
If you would like to contact Amelia please do so via and if you would like to make a donation to support YA21 please click here.
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