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22 July 2013
Volunteering with Australia21:

'I would like to congratulate you and your team at Australia21 for your work in trying to bring reason and strategic thinking to what has become the overly partisan and ideological milieu of modern policy development. Your research and objectivity really is a breath of fresh air.'              

To all of our subscribers
We have had a great response to our recent invitation to volunteer. Apart from the practical value these offers represent, they are a great encouragement to all of us at Australia21, particularly when many of you, like the young volunteer quoted above, have made it clear that our work is important to you.  

To those who volunteered
Thank you all. Around 30 people of all ages, with many skills  and from around Australia contacted us. It will take us a little while to get back to everyone in a way that respects the skills, energy and commitment that you are so generously offering.

 Some people have capacities which are relevant to our immediate needs and others we will want to keep ‘on the books’ for work we expect to come in the future.  In either case I will contact you in the next couple of weeks to work out with you what will best suit us both.

To those who can't volunteer but would still like to help
Australia21 offers its work to the world to promote the common good. We would love to be able to do more, and have several ideas incubating. (More on that in coming weeks.) I hate to seem mercenary but we do need funds to continue our work. Any donation, no matter how small, is received with joy.   

Our dream is to have a regular predictable income. This would make a huge difference eg  a small issue like a broken printer would not create a financial crisis!  A couple of months ago I announced the formation of our Club 300 for ongoing donors. I am extremely grateful to those who have signed up for this but there are still many slots to fill if we are to reach our target of 300 members. So if you are in a position to offer this kind of ongoing help, please go to givenow

Thanks again to those who will have responded to our invitation to volunteer, those who have donated and those who will help us in the future.

With best wishes to you all

Lyn Stephens
Chief Executive Officer
Australia21 is a small not for profit organisation which seeks to create new frameworks of understanding about the strategic issues facing us in the 21st century.
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"One of the best ways to demonstrate concern about our country and our community is to contribute to shaping their future"