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11 July 2013
      Your invitation to volunteer with Australia21


Australia21 operates with the support of donors and sponsors, a skeleton staff and a great deal of pro bono effort. There's plenty of room for you to volunteer in a range of interesting roles.

If you are a retired professional feeling a bit bored, an aspiring student looking for work experience, you have a job and want to give something back to the community, or you are seeking paid employment and need experience for your CV, we may have something to offer you. While our office is in the ACT, our directors are located around Australia and technology means you could participate from anywhere and in your own time. 

Here are examples of the volunteer roles you could play. Some of these are one-off tasks, some are ongoing, some are time limited. Even a few hours a week could be mutually beneficial.

Communications and social media guru   Help our message get out to the world. Your interest/expertise in Facebook, Twitter and/or media liaison would be invaluable to us.

Writer/Editor   This could be anything from helping us write copy for our regular email updates, to proofreading our latest report, developing promotional material or helping develop an engaging Annual Report.  

Database designer  This is a one-off project. We need help to design and develop an Access database to enable us to better manage the preferences of our subscribers and donors. 

Webmaster  We are designing a new website and have taken a vow to keep it up to date and vibrant. We need  a person to assist with this. 

Fundraiser  Something all not for profits need and offers will be gratefully accepted. We are particularly interested to explore crowd funding.

Project secretariat   Our projects do not just happen. Generally an advisory group of experts meets by teleconference for several months before our signature roundtable process and during the report writing stage. This is an excellent way to be exposed to a range of well researched views on a topic of importance to Australia's future.

Youth engagement coordinator  Strengthening our engagement with young people is a key strategy for Australia21. We need help to make this go beyond aspiration to reality. 

If you can see yourself being part of the Australia21 team, drop us an email telling us a little about your preferences and experience. If you want to know more before throwing your hat in the ring, please contact our CEO, Lyn Stephens, at or on 02 62880823.  If we are inundated with responses - which would be wonderful - we will aim to match the most appropriate people for each task, and we will try to find something for every person one who takes the trouble to apply. We look forward to hearing from you over the next couple of weeks.
Australia21 is a small not for profit organisation which seeks to create new frameworks of understanding about the strategic issues facing us in the 21st century.
If you simply want to keep in touch like us on  Facebook  or contact us at for more information.
We rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors to fund our work. All donations are gratefully received and are tax deductible. Visit to make a secure online donation.  Send a cheque to: Australia21 Limited, PO Box 3244, Weston  ACT 2611.  Use the Pay Anyone facility on your own bank account. We will send you a receipt if you drop us an email at Our details are:
                  BSB 313 140
                  Account No 2319 3882
"One of the best ways to demonstrate concern about our country and our community is to contribute to shaping their future"