A Mindful Post-COVID Future 
Applying the New Science of
Mindfulness, Empathy, and Compassion.
Reminder of the MFN Webinar
Wednesday 5 August – 12.00-1.00pm

This MFN webinar will held on 5 August to discuss how the Network can continue to map, gather and distribute the examples cited in the project report – so as to inspire others in advancing the verified models of mindfulness, empathy and compassion into all societal organisations and structures that impact our human experience.

MFN WEBINAR 5 AUGUST 2020 12.00-1.00pm
Join here:
 Key messages as outlined in the MFN report include:
What we are now witnessing across the world, will require more than incremental economic, social and strategic responses - in some areas it will require fundamental changes to our societal structures;
Therefore resourcing and training our cognitive and emotional abilities to better deal with the health, social and economic challenges that are forecast to surround us for years to come, should be a high priority;
The ‘real world’ examples in this report demonstrate that if we can resource both individuals and societal organisations to: Learn and incorporate the skill of mindfulness to manage our stress and cognitive biases - Practice the competence of empathy to more genuinely relate to others - and Use the motivation of compassion to ‘see’ and heal our common suffering – then we will be better placed to create a safer and more mindful post COVID world.  
Read the full report here:
The Mindful Futures Network examines the application of the science of mindfulness, empathy and compassion across Australian organisations – to find out more go to:
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