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30 April


   Introducing Young Australia21 - and seeking young volunteers for its management team



Australia21 welcomes the vitality and experience of young people to the organisation. We recognise that collaboration between seasoned experience and the fresh vision of youth is critical to Australia’s future.

Some of  you may have noticed references to YoungA21 (YA21) in newsletters or on our website and wondered what it was all about. YA21 has emerged quite recently out of the interest of the large number of young people who have contacted us wanting to become involved in Australia21’s work.  It is time now to formally introduce everyone to the youth wing of our organisation and to invite those of you under 30 who would like to be part of the Australia21 team to get in touch. Please also feel free to pass this newsletter to others who may be interested. 

About YA21 
YA21 aims to
  • Give young people (under 30) a voice on issues that are important to their future
  • Strengthen Australia21′s connection to the future by involving young people in determining, commenting on and participating in our projects wherever possible
  • Encourage and support young people to identify the issues that are important to them and to take on their own projects about Australia’s future challenges
  • Provide opportunities for two-way mentoring between young people and experienced Australia21 Directors and staff.
 While YA21's full modus operandi has not been formally set  up yet, it is already active. With the support of Australia21 and several young volunteers, YA21 held a pop-up roundtable in Sydney on alcohol-fuelled violence in February; in early May a "Smarter about Drugs" event will be held in Adelaide; and later in May an event seeking young people’s views on refugee and asylum seeker policy will be held in Canberra.

YA21 has its own page on the A21 website, is on facebook  and its twitter account is @youngAus21

How will YA21 work?
YA21 will function as autonomously as possible, yet work and participate within the wider mechanism of A21 and with the support of A21 as required. Broad oversight will be provided in the early stages by a Youth Engagement sub-committee of the A21 Board co-chaired by Director, Deb Lavis and Honorary Youth Adviser, Tom Merrett.
Leadership of YA21 will be provided by Tom and his colleague, A21’s other Honorary Youth Adviser – Vivienne Moxham-Hall. 

It is envisioned that YA21 will have reach across Australia through networks of young people who contribute regularly to A21 conversations and research. This youth involvement will contribute fresh thinking and new ideas for a better future for all Australians.

How can young people get involved?
Tom and Vivienne would like to set up a high quality management team of volunteers to develop and run YA21. These volunteer roles will be:
  • YA21 Coordinator. Work with the two HYAs and A21 to develop a YA21  program;  build volunteer capacity and engagement;  publicise and promote YA21 to youth networks and the broader community.
  • Event  managers (2). Assist in the development, management and evaluation of YA21 events
  • Fundraising officers (2). Develop fundraising strategies for YA21 activities and to support A21; design and develop fundraising activities likely to engage young people.
  • Communications officer. Develop approaches to publicise and promote YA21 and its activities, particularly relating  to social media, media liaison and  website material.
It is envisaged that these roles may take a couple of hours a week with a regular teleconference at least monthly. Most of our work is undertaken via teleconference and email so you can participate from any part of Australia.

If you are under 30 and would like to express interest in one of the management team roles or as a general volunteer, please send your CV and a short statement about why you want to be involved to by 16 May.
Australia21 is a small not for profit organisation which seeks to create new frameworks of understanding about the strategic issues facing us in the 21st century.
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"One of the best ways to demonstrate concern about our country and our community is to contribute to shaping their future"