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4 December 2014


Here's Australia21's Annual Report

Dear Friends of Australia21
Thank you for your support this year. We are proud to provide you with our 2013-14 Annual ReportIt includes Australia21's contribution to  You can also see how we are giving young people a voice through Young Australia21 (YA21), our recently formed youth wing. Watch All about Young A21 and read about YA21 events -Two youth roundtables on Refugee and Asylum Seeker Policy and Two “Smarter about Drugs” events in Adelaide.

This is only a taste –  there is much much more so click on the cover or the title (above) to download the full report, and feel free to distribute it to interested friends. Read on to see what else we have been doing in 2014 and what we hope to achieve next year. 

Our achievements in the first half of 2014-15

Since the end of 2013-14 our achievements include: 

Our aspirations for the rest of 2014-15

Our plans, subject to funding, include projects in these areas:  
  • Debt and Young People - What is the impact now and in the future?
  • Understanding the Social Determinants of Illicit Drug Use - and what this means for addressing the problem of illicit drugs.
  • The Public Interest: Who is speaking for it and how can it best be protected?
  •  Inequality and Education: - a possible follow on from our Inequality project.
If you would like to know more about any of these projects contact us at 

The concerning part 
There are plenty of big issues facing Australia and we have many aspirations for helping our country address them - but when if you look at the financial statements in our annual report you will see that we deliver a lot from a very low base.

Our work is funded by donations and grants – and depends 
on volunteer and pro bono support. We are very grateful for this but with more resources we could plan ahead and do a lot more for you.  So, unashamedly this message ends with a request for help.

We have an exciting program planned - whether it happens depends on whether we can raise the resources to deliver it. If you think what we do is important for your future and the future of all Australians, please support us by donating to Australia21. 
Warm regards
Lyn Stephens 

Join us to frame a better future for all Australians 

All donations no matter how small are appreciated

Special offer: Become an A21 monthly donor and help us do more. For a small monthly amount - eg $20  you can help us deliver on our aspirations for Australia.  

Our gift to you: When you become a monthly donor we will give you an Australia21 publication of your choice as a token of appreciation.
  •  Just sign up on our donation site (noting the total is for past 6 years – we are not that rich!).
  • Then go to our shop and drop us an email ( to let us know which publication you would like. We will then send it to you.
  • It’s as simple as that.   

Australia21 is a small not for profit organisation which seeks to create new frameworks of understanding about the strategic issues facing us in the 21st century.
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We rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors to fund our work. All donations are gratefully received and are tax deductible. Visit to make a secure online donation.  Send a cheque to: Australia21 Limited, PO Box 3244, Weston  ACT 2611.  Use the Pay Anyone facility on your own bank account. We will send you a receipt if you drop us an email at Our details are:
                  BSB 313 140
                  Account No 2319 3882
"One of the best ways to demonstrate concern about our country and our community is to contribute to shaping their future"