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  24 February 2014

YoungA21 is hosting a pop up roundtable on alcohol-fuelled violence 

Photo: What do you think about the NSW One-Punch Laws? The Australia21 youth wing, Young21, wants young people's voices to be heard in this debate.  We want to know what you think about the issue of alcohol-related violence and what you want being done.  If you or any of your friends in NSW are interested in participating in a pop-up roundtable in late February, email us your expression of interest, outlining what expertise you think you'd lend to the roundtable and what personal experiences or interest you've had with alcohol-fuelled violence to For more information email Vivienne Moxham Hall, Honorary Youth Adviser  to Australia21 at

Although the issues associated with alcohol- fuelled violence affect young people the most, the voice of youth has not been heard.

Following increased debate on alcohol-fuelled violence in NSW, the youth wing of Australia21 - ‘YoungA21′  has decided to gather youth opinion on the issue by holding a pop up roundtable in Sydney this Thursday, 27 February from 5.30-8.30pm  at the Ted Noffs Foundation premises at 206a Alison Rd, Randwick (which is also the corner of Alison Rd and Avoca Street).

We want to encourage a diverse group of young people to attend and there are still places available. To RSVP or for more information, contact
What is a pop up roundtable?
A pop up roundtable aims to bring together a diverse group of interested people at short notice to consider an important topical issue, particularly one which doesn’t have a black and white solution - like alcohol-fuelled violence. A roundtable on this topic might consider questions such as
  • What are the implications for all young people of a perception that there widespread binge drinking among youth and a high risk of alcohol-fuelled violence?
  • What do you think are the causes of public violence?
  • What are some youth friendly policies that the Government could consider around these issues?  
The roundtable provides an open discussion forum where young people will have the opportunity to speak and be heard. It is conducted under the Chatham House Rule, which means that if you agree to participate, you may talk about what happened at the meeting outside the group afterwards, but you may not quote anyone by name or by the group they represent. This protects everyone’s privacy and we hope it will encourage people to say what they really feel.  

Two papers on this topic have been provided as background for participants and for anyone else who is interested:
Alcohol – No ordinary commodity
Violence in public places. Explanations and solutions

Who is involved? 
Vivienne Moxham-Hall, Honorary Youth Adviser to the Board of Australia21 will chair the conversation. She is working with Matt Noffs of the Street University and the Ted Noffs Foundation, which provides essential services for young people and their families who are experiencing drug and alcohol problems and related trauma. Vivienne and Matt are supported by Dr Alex Wodak, an international expert on drug and alcohol abuse and a Director of Australia21, who will speak to the group to set the scene. Nicholas Cowdery, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions has accepted our invitation to attend. There will also be informal representation from the Rosehill Local Area Command of the NSW Police, who have been invited to provide information and comment on police matters when these arise in the conversation and to listen to young people's views.                                                                                     

What will be the outcome?
We will prepare a communique drawing on the results of the evening’s conversation which will be distributed to the media and to government. We also plan to prepare a short booklet on the outcomes for wide distribution.  

Want to come to the roundtable?
If you are under 30 and would like to attend please advise Vivienne Moxham-Hall at or Lyn Stephens at

If you can’t attend but would like to comment or to get involved with YoungA21, please email 
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