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19 April  2013
Club 300: 
A cup of coffee a week could make all the difference

Australia21's agenda for the next six months

Dear friend of Australia21 

Australia21 is grateful to all of you who subscribe to our news updates. It encourages us to know that there are people on this list - along with those who like us on Facebook -  who are interested in the work that we do. 

Usually we talk about a specific issue but this week I thought I would provide a general overview of Australia21's agenda for the next six months or so. 
  • We continue to work on illicit drug law reform through regular commentary and liaison with illicit drug advocacy and support organisations, and we take opportunities as they arise to publicise the vast amount of evidence which supports the need for a move away from prohibition. 
  • Our report on a voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide roundtable held in January this year will be launched on April 26 - more on that next week.
  • Our report on a transforming Australian landscapes roundtable held in February this year will be launched soon - probably in May
  • We continue to work on our ecosystem services project and will  have some exciting announcements on this soon.
  • We are designing a new project, subject to funding, on responding to a possible planetary emergency situation related to the collapse of global systems. We will release a series of opinion pieces on this by a diverse range of Australia's leading thinkers shortly. 
  • We are planning a major youth engagement project for mid year.  
These important projects aim to make a positive difference to our country's future.  All - with the exception of the ecosystems work - have been developed through donation or sponsorship.  We do not receive ongoing operational funding. And this is where Club 300 comes in. We are looking for 300 people who would like to contribute $5 a week -  little more than the price of a cup of coffee -  so that we can continue this work which is so important for all of us. Just $20 a month would make a huge difference to Australia21's capacity to deliver in the future. This is not meant to be restrictive - if  you would like to give more or you would like to give a one off donation please feel free, but if you would like to support us in an ongoing way Club 300 may be for you. 

If you would like to become a Club 300 member by committing $20 a month to Australia21, click on donate below to make a secure online donation.  If we reach our target, we will celebrate with an exclusive Australia21 online event for Club 300 members.

I look forward to welcoming you to Club 300.

Lyn Stephens
Chief Executive Officer


 If we reach our target, we will celebrate with an exclusive Australia21 online event for Club 300 members.


Australia21 is a small not for profit organisation which seeks to create new frameworks of understanding about the strategic issues facing us in the 21st century.
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"One of the best ways to demonstrate concern about our country and our community is to contribute to shaping their future"