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5 November 2014




Australia21 Director, Professor Bob Douglas presents at the launch of “Climate Change and Global Health” (Edited by Colin Butler)

On the 9th December at the University of Canberra,
Bob Douglas gave a presentation as guest speaker at the launch of the new book “Climate Change and Global Health” (Edited by Colin Butler).

The book comprises 30 chapters, and brings together the work of 56 authors from 19 countries. Bob Douglas explained in his presentation that the central message he took from the book is that “the health, well-being and very survival of humanity is under staggering threat from anthropogenic climate change, and that our species is currently sleepwalking into oblivion”.

The framework for this book that has been established by Professor Butler’s work over the past ten years, has enabled authors to move into territory that has been largely avoided by the more conventional framework for climate change science.

In his presentation Bob states:

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this book warrants a place in every general library and every health library in the world. It speaks to the biggest crisis in human history and it speaks with authority about the nature and complexity of that crisis...The book is extremely timely. Many of us believe that the next five years will determine whether or not global human civilisation will survive or fall. And, that on our present trajectory it will fall. When, how and how quickly is far from clear. Those who are closest to the data are extremely depressed especially in the light of the systematic denial and inaction in our own government and many other governments around the world.  Agreement in Paris 2015, about global emissions is probably our last chance as a human species to work together and begin to deconstruct the stranglehold, which corporations have on the structure of global society.”

For a full  transcript of Bob Douglas' presentation, please click here.
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