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While some believe there’s no news in August, the news cycle proves otherwise.

I just want you to take a moment and read this Politico article: “How Greece became Europe’s worst place for press freedom.” It’s a very well-researched and sourced report about the current state of the news industry in Greece, our home country. During the last years, we’ve been seeing the Press Freedom situation in Greece deteriorating. As the editor of AthensLive, I’ve been advocating the issue for years.

With my co-founders, we’ve felt the downslide in our skins for years and have always questioned how we could help journalists produce more impactful journalism. Throughout my career, I realized that the only way news organizations could achieve impact is by being financially stable. Financial security provides journalists a safety net to produce journalism without business or political interference. 


Where do community information needs meet revenue and impact? Audience engagement editors are playing a vital role in this.

After a lot of frustration, we decided to take action. And Qurio is a fruit of this deterioration. Let me explain.

Spyros and Dimitris, my co-founders, shared the same thoughts. Because they are even bigger believers in technology, they supported this idea, and that’s why we are building Qurio together.

In the Politico report, Tassos Telloglou, an investigative reporter, stated, "Due to the financial situation, media owners have handed over the keys of their businesses to the government,”

And this is the major problem with many news organizations. The example of the Greek news industry is relatable to many countries worldwide. If you are listening to the agenda of the few, you are missing out on what the majority wants to learn.

But things are changing rapidly, and technology is accelerating this shift. 

What we are trying to do with Qurio is build a tool that hands the keys of these businesses, the news businesses, to your community. So they can ignite the powerful engine you operate called journalism.


Qurio wants to become the platform where you listen to your audience meaningfully.


Many talented colleagues pursue engaged investigative, explanatory, visual, data, and other forms of journalism. And we are on a mission to help them understand what their supporters want from them. Qurio helps newsrooms start ongoing, meaningful discussions with their communities; it will spark new story ideas that make sense for membership, reader revenue, and engagement.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my concerns about this issue, and I promise I won’t be talking so emotionally in the future because we are immensely focusing on building a great product.

After sending this email, we’ll try to take a brief hiatus for a week and then get back to see what the future holds for everyone. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about how tech can positively impact a polarized society and how we could help journalists worldwide with some pro-bono coaching we are offering.

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